Accounting programs can be written in Python

Whether the purchases in the private household are to be planned or you have to keep track of things professionally, managing the confusing financial world can be made much easier with the help of the following programs.


Free software¶

ERP software for operational planning and management

  • Fakturama - Open source merchandise management system for the creation of invoices, delivery notes, orders and order confirmations

  • GnuAccounting 🇬🇧 - Open source accounting application in Java that uses OpenOffice and MySQL (or HSQLDB from to create invoices, credit notes, delivery notes, etc.

  • YaBS - accounting software for small businesses

  • Tryton 🇬🇧 - accounting, invoicing, sales, purchasing, cost centers, warehouse management (uses Python / PostgreSQL)

  • Kraft 🇩🇪 is free software for fast, flexible and professional processing of offers and invoices

  • Invoice2018 🇩🇪 Everything a small business / freelancer needs for bookkeeping

other financial administrations on a smaller scale:

  • GnuCash - open source classic for double entry bookkeeping

  • Grisbi 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 - account management under GNOME: book sales and create reports (included in the official package sources)

  • HomeBank - simple application for private financial management

  • Eqonomize 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 - simple budget book (discussed in article by Axel Bärwaldt, LinuxUser 2018 🇩🇪)

  • Jes - The Java EÜR 🇩🇪 - Accounting application in Java with the aim in particular to simplify the income-surplus calculation for the self-employed

  • KMyMoney - KDE finance manager (online banking can be upgraded with a plugin)

Commercial accounting software¶

Some commercial vendors have already discovered the Linux software market and offer compatible software. However, the source code of these programs cannot be viewed. The formats can usually only be imported to a limited extent with other programs.

  • Banana 🇩🇪 🇨🇭 - ideal for small and medium-sized companies, associations, trustees, private users, condominiums, freelancers, parishes, etc. Runs natively under Linux and can access the same data with the Windows version. The simple income-expenditure invoice, double general ledger, foreign currencies, VAT and that in many languages. The unique selling point of Banana is the ability to transfer data sets from Excel or LibreOffice-Calc directly back and forth using cut-and-paste. For example, also supplier accounts or bank account statements.

  • Moneyplex 🇩🇪 - runs natively under Linux and can access the same data with the Windows version

  • Budget book easily 2011 🇩🇪 - simple budget book

  • Lin-HaBu 🇩🇪 - easy-to-use double bookkeeping program with a focus on the self-employed, small companies and associations

  • Text book 🇩🇪 - double entry bookkeeping and cost accounting. Input and output as text files. Multi-user capability, various interfaces, integrated programming language. For small to medium-sized businesses.

  • CSS 🇩🇪 - controlling, accounting, human resources, wages and salaries, travel management, etc.

  • LxFibu 🇩🇪 - financial accounting, payroll accounting, order processing; native and professional - for medium and large companies.

  • adata software 🇩🇪 - wages and salaries, HR management, financial accounting, asset accounting, cost accounting, ordering, Linux support 🇬🇧 and much more.

  • Moneydance - Java program for accounting. Installable Python interface. Online banking only via OFX, no HBCI. No magpie tax.

  • Taxpool accountant - Linux: A current beta version 0.1 has been available since November 16, 2017.

  • JLohn 🇩🇪 - wage and salary accounting program for craftsmen, freelancers and small businesses with an interface to Lin-HaBu

Online banking¶

Web interface¶

Many banks offer online banking with SSL encryption via a web interface. This is the easiest way to manage your finances. Linux users benefit from the operating system's low susceptibility to malicious software and a secure web browser thanks to regular updates.

Nevertheless, reading Security 1x1 (especially the "Browser" section) is recommended in order to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge. In addition, one should be aware of popular fraud (phishing) and use mistrust and common sense.

Client programs¶

Thanks to the open HBCI standard, encrypted high-security access to banks in Germany is also possible for free and open-source programs. In the past, this was only possible for T-Online customers using the outdated screen text technology (BTX) and a secret interface.

  • Hibiscus - an online banking client in Java for the German HBCI protocol

  • AqBanking 🇩🇪, Gwenhywfar and Libchipcard. It offers support for HBCI and OFX DirectConnect via AqBanking.


  • ElsterOnline 🇩🇪 - The free web portal can also be used under Linux after registration. The following functions can be carried out:

    • Advance VAT return and VAT return

    • Permanent extension and special advance payment

    • Summary message

    • Income tax registration and certificate

    • Capital gains tax

    • Income surplus account (EÜR)

    • Business tax

    • Further information on the web portal

To the article ElsterOnline.


ElsterOnline can be used for both the sales tax pre-registration and the sales tax return. The use of ElsterFormular is no longer permitted from 2020.

Income tax¶

Data and calculation locally on the PC¶

  • Tax Savings Declaration - commercial tax software for Windows that works very well with Wine and masters ELSTER. It can be installed free of charge and guides you through the tax return with a clear user interface, detailed help, warning notices, etc. The printout or the Elster transmission is only possible after a fee-based registration (approx. 25 €).

  • tax (Buhl) 🇩🇪 - (until 2014 t @ x2014, t @ x2013 etc., then tax2015, tax2016 or tax2017) - commercial tax software for Windows that works with Wine and controls ELSTER, comparable to tax savings Explanation. The free trial version fails for many users under Wine. The full version (approx. 15 €) can supposedly be installed under PlayOnLinux or Wine.

Data and calculation online¶

  • SteuerFuchs 🇩🇪 - here it is possible to compile the income tax return (and thereby also calculate the repayment / additional payment) via the browser without registration or payment. However, the final delivery is chargeable (March 2013: 14.95 euros per person or married couple)

  • WISO Tax 🇩🇪 - After registering free of charge, you can fill out the tax return in the Internet browser here. However, printing or sending via Elster is chargeable and requires a "WISO account" (from approx. € 30).

  • Elster Online 🇩🇪 - the tax authorities' online tax portal

Sales tax (USt) ¶

A VAT advance return (UStVA) can be made online via the ElsterOnline portal 🇩🇪. Alternatively, the following programs can also be used for this purpose:

  • Winston 🇩🇪 - Send tax forms (including UStVA) electronically to the tax office. Commercial software, but the Linux version is free to use.

Depot / share management¶

  • Portfolio Performance 🇩🇪 - Open source program for calculating the performance of a share portfolio.

  • XDepotCalculator 🇩🇪 - Keep an eye on your own investments with Open- or LibreOffice-Calc.


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