How is DLS calculated in cricket

Duckworth Lewis calculator For cricket savvy Android users

With the ICC Cricket World Cup in full swing, cricket-based Android apps keep popping up. Most of these are freeware apps that report game results. Duckworth-Lewis calculator is probably the only cricket-based AppArt on the Android Market. The application uses the recently introduced Duckworth-Lewis method to calculate “par scores and goals for rain-interrupted cricket matches”.

The application is minimalist, including onlyThese are the most important functions and a simple user interface. It's a calculator, after all. All the user has to do is enter information about both innings of an interrupted limited overrun cricket match and tap calculation Button at the bottom of the Innings 2 Tab.

The application will display the denomination and target on the same tab and on a separate tab labeled tableIt gives Duckworth-Lewis par scores for each of the remaining overs.

Duckworth-Lewis Calculator for Android is free and has no advertising. Download it from Android Market using the link below or the QR code below.

Download the Duckworth-Lewis calculator