Does an iPhone work in a vacuum?

iPhone 6s: Presentation on September 8th - sales start on September 25th

I agree with you one hundred percent.
I also always have my iPhone in a case (up to surreptitious advertising, already use the business case from Adore June for several devices [iPhone / iPad] or device generations. Very chic and it is well protected) and use it sensibly. If you don't throw it around or let you cuddle with your "caretaker keychain" with 80 beard keys or pull it generously over the woodchip plastered house wall, you will have a lot of fun with the Apple devices and no "spider apps" or the like .รค.
And if you want to use it outdoors (or have to use it professionally) there are also enough case solutions such as Otterbox, Defender and the like.
Even with Android or Windows phones, scratches and / or other damage are inevitable if I treat the device as shit. Only they are often on cheap plastic and therefore, in my opinion, even more susceptible.
Of course, if you are unlucky to catch a device that has no factory defects, that's annoying. But that can happen to you with ANY device. If you buy a mixer, it can also be a monday device.
Just stop rolling around here, how bad Apple is.
So far I've always been a hundred per satisfied. And as I said, it is also up to me as a user how I treat my device :)

Sometimes you really have the feeling that some trolls are just complaining and don't even have an Apple device. Of all the 12-17 year old youngsters with Daddy's old device, who listen to music from the iPhone loudspeaker in the schoolyard, thunder it down on the halfpipe or use it to pull beer ... THAT happens to their little trolls with every device :) Treats a business phone too like a business phone or just buy a sturdy outdoor cell phone for your beer bottles;)

With that in mind, keep it up Apple :)
If I don't like something, I will still not buy it!
I'm not an Apple fanboy and I'm also critical of Apple devices. But in many areas (cooperation Mac / iPhone / iPad via iCloud etc) and in terms of quality, Apple is ahead of the pack. But in some areas I also used other products, although these are also offered by Apple.