There are things that are really unthinkable

23 things that are suddenly normal - and were unimaginable weeks ago

But it's not just mobile working. Suddenly so many things are commonplace that would have been unimaginable a few weeks ago:

It has become normal for our children to sing "Happy Birthday" twice while washing their hands with a lot of soap in order to get the 20 seconds full. That we keep catching ourselves doing exactly that in our minds.

It has become normal that we sometimes no longer know whether it is Thursday or Friday, the child is still wearing their pajamas at dinner, the son looks like Harry Potter after the nail scissors haircut and we think every time the daughter clears his throat, that it has gotten to us now too.

It has become normal that we check the toilet paper shelf in the supermarket, briefly riot about hamsters and then the yeast is missing, which we didn't need for years, but now suddenly very urgent.

It has become normal for us to greet strangers when we go for a walk. Because we're happy to say hello to someone who doesn't happen to have the same address as us.

It has become normal that we meet friends for a "FaceWine" and grandma and grandpa for cake only on Skype. Who would have thought that WhatsApp video calls are now also accepted by the family's biggest Internet grouch. Longing for it, by the way, tenfold.

It has become normal for us to pay cashless, no matter how small the amount. My personal low record: 1.60 euros in the kiosk for two stamps. Coins and bills? No, the last cash withdrawal is three weeks old.

It has become normal that "stay healthy" is the new "goodbye". That we make masks out of kitchen towels and tablecloths and don't even look stupid when we meet people who have improvised with Pampers instead of fabric.

It has become normal for us to count rainbow pictures on the windows and tell our children that after a thunderstorm the sun will shine again because it has always been that way and because we never wanted to believe it ourselves.

It has become normal to get stomach aches when we see the pictures on the news. St. Mark's Square empty of people, dying seniors, dead people in gyms. That everyone has said at least once that everything is like "12 Monkeys". Or "Outbreak".

It has become normal for freelance friends, whom we have always envied for their independence, to face financial difficulties. With the emergency aid you can bridge a few weeks. And then good night.

It has become normal that we all share the same concern and this one hope: that it will soon come back bit by bit, the old normal. With all the things that we miss The things too normal to appreciate.

Claudia Weingärtner traveled around the world as a reporter for years. In 2014, however, her greatest adventure began: She became the mother of twins.

Since then, she has been practicing the balancing act between job matters and children's stuff every day - and processes the sore muscles and other consequences in letters that she writes to her two children and publishes on Since April 2020 she has been editor-in-chief of "Leben & Erzieh".