How to clean a clogged aerator

Descaling the aerator: with and without unscrewing (instructions)

If the water flows out of the tap slowly or unevenly, you should clean the mixer nozzle again. You have these two options.

Method 1: Unscrew and soak the aerator

Materials needed: pipe wrench, cloth, vinegar (or citric acid), bowl, nail brush

1. First unscrew the aerator. To do this, place a cloth around the aerator so as not to scratch it, then twist it with the pipe wrench clockwise out. If it cannot be removed immediately, it is probably too calcified. In that case, you can soak a rag in vinegar and wrap around the front of the tap. After one to two hours, the aerator should then be able to loosen.

2. Now fill the bowl with vinegar and put the colander in it for several hoursto descale it. The sealing ring does not belong in the vinegar bath, as the acid could make it porous.

3. In connection remove the softened limescale residue with the nail brush, assemble the aerator and screw it back in by hand. Now the water flow should be nice and even again.

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Method 2: clean the aerator without unscrewing it

Materials needed: vinegar (or citric acid), balloon

1. Fill the balloon with a little vinegar or citric acid and then put it over the tap. Now fill it up with a little water so that the acid is enough for the aerator to be able to decalcify it.

2. Leave the whole thing act for several hours. As an alternative to the balloon, you can use one condom or one small plastic bag that you fix with a rubber band.

3. You can then use a Paste made from vinegar and baking soda Mix, apply to the mixing nozzle and clean it with an old toothbrush. However, the above method makes more sense to descale the aerator, as it also removes the scale and dirt inside the sieve.

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