How can I create a website for authorities

My digital keys

With digital keys, you can securely log into the online services of the authorities. Compare it to your home, which is protected with a lock. To get inside you need the right key. And only the right people have such a key. This is also how the agency's online services work. These are protected and you need a digital key to gain access.

All digital keys that CSAM offers are secure in order to be able to log into the online services of the authorities! However, it is the online service itself that determines which keys are shown on the login page and thus grant access to the relevant service. Therefore, not all digital keys are available for all online government services (Tax-on-Web, IRISbox, My Social Security, etc.).

Registration with eID and card reader

1. Digital key "eID card reader"

Registration with a digital key from an approved partner

In addition to the digital keys of the authorities themselves, other providers can also offer digital keys with which you can log into the online services of the authorities.

There is currently one approved partner: Itsme® of the provider Belgian Mobile ID. More information about Itsme® are available from

Login with username, password and security code

3 digital keys require your username and password in combination with a security code:

1. Security code mobile app
3. Email security code
A new token can no longer be requested

Login with username and password

Only your username and password are required for 1 digital key. These are the same ones you use to log in using a digital key that requires a username, password and security code.

For some online services provided by public authorities, you can register a digital key "user name and password" yourself without having to use an eID. For more information, see FAQ How can I register a username and password myself?

1. Username / password