Was Runescape ever out of whack?

The man, who last week bought Christie's David Gilmour's iconic “Black Strat” for around 4 million dollars at auction, told the American ROLLING STONE about the purchase of the most expensive auctioned guitar of all time: “I just fucking love Pink Floyd , man. "

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The new owner of the black Stratocaster is US entrepreneur and NFL sports official Jim Irsay. The owner of the Indianapolis Colts has total assets of approximately $ 2.7 billion. Irsay was the highest bidder at the auction, which raised a total of $ 21.5 million for Gilmour's entire collection. The proceeds went to the charity "ClientEarth".

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“I just love Pink Floyd, man. I can't put it any other way, ”said Irsay about the ROLLING STONE. The legendary 1969 Fender Stratocaster accounted for a quarter of Christie's total sales at $ 3,975,000, setting a new world record for the most expensive guitar ever to be auctioned.

The electric guitar, affectionately known as the “Black Strat”, was used by David Gilmour on the Pink Floyd songs “Comfortably Numb”, “Money” and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. Jim Irsay also secured the flight case (!) (175,000 dollars) for the black Strat and another large-caliber guitar: The 69 Martin D-35 (1,095,000 dollars) - the acoustic guitar that the Floyd guitarist, for example, used "Wish You Were Here" is playing.

After the Martin alone brought in such a sum, the NFL man knew that it was "going to be a record-breaking auction," Irsay told the RS. “It was out of whack. I thought wow. Why and how in the world? But Floyd is a big thing all over the world. "

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Irsay has been a big fan of the band for decades. "I think Waters‘ lyrics and Gilmour's play and their whole story and meaning are so deep that I can't express my enthusiasm for them enough, "said the Floyd fan. "David Gilmour stands for himself."