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DIY blogger interview # 7: DIY FASHION

At myboshi, we are always happy to meet exciting people. Creative minds who pursue their passion for handicraft and who want to inspire as many as possible. In our blogger interview series, we regularly introduce you to someone like that: our favorite DIY blogs, YouTubers & Instagramers. Today we pestered Eliza from DIY MODE with our questions - you can read the answers right away. (And be sure to try one of the linked, free DIYs!)

Who are you? Why don't you tell us what we really need to know about you.

I'm Eliza, on my blog I share my passion for sewing, handicrafts and fashion. I love small, simple projects that can be implemented in a short time. You can find lots of free DIY instructions on current trends on my YouTube channel.


How did you discover your passion for DIY topics?

I've been creative since I can remember and I loved doing handicrafts or painting as a child. I remember once in kindergarten I made a string with finger crochets that went around the whole kindergarten - the other children thought that was great, of course. In elementary school, for example, I discovered that you can turn tights into a top. In the bottom of my heart I am probably an inventor, someone who always asks himself how this or that is actually made and how could I do it too. Or better yet, how could I create something completely new? In addition, there is my sense of everything beautiful and a certain aesthetic - et voilà!


What has been your greatest DIY project so far?

My DIY projects are like my little babies. How could I say I love one more than the other? Of all the instructions I've done so far, I use the laptop sleeve, the sunglasses case, the off-shoulder top, the small wallet, the mini utensil, the letter bracelet, oh and so much more! (We have linked the instructions for you!)


Where is your favorite place to work or what does your creative workplace look like?

My favorite place of work is practically in the past. For a few years I had a beautiful room, especially for sewing and being creative. Everything was always set up and I could get started right away. I am currently working on my kitchen table. All materials are stowed in a closet and are only taken out when I need them. Since I recently emigrated, that's totally ok. After all, I've now brought my whole life to my new favorite place. The creative room will definitely come back again. Basically, I love to work from home and my dream job is always integrated into my apartment.


Why would you recommend everyone to start doing it yourself?

In fact, you don't really appreciate the value of many things until you've made them yourself. Anyone who only buys 5 Euro T-shirts and then sits on a homemade T-shirt for 6 hours at a time understands a little more about the world. It also makes you proud and happy to be able to say “I made it myself”. And: gifts you have made yourself are simply the best!


How did you come up with the idea of ​​making do-it-yourself your job? And how can you imagine your work as a blogger? What does a typical working day look like?

It was actually a fluid process. I started my own business in 2009 with a small fashion label and mainly sold my self-sewn fashion over the Internet. As a result, I learned a lot about creating websites, taking attractive photos or writing texts. Unfortunately, I could never really make a living from it and always did small jobs on the side that had to help finance my dream job. In 2011 I just made a video for YouTube just for fun and forgot the whole thing for the time being. Then after a few months, the video suddenly had 10,000 clicks and I just thought "Wow", that seems to interest people. I then started producing videos on a regular basis. First 4 videos in the next year, then 10 in the following year and so on. Then there was my blog. Last year there were 30 videos. Since this year I've only been doing DIY MODE and I'm overjoyed with it because I was able to turn my hobby into a job 100%. So it feels like my everyday life looks like I get up and then do what I feel like doing. Pippi Longstocking Style!


Of course, I also have some duties or things to do that are less enjoyable. I don't think my paycheck can keep up with an office worker either, but I feel very rich and happy doing DIY FASHION. I think you can tell from the way I present the instructions and communicate on my social media channels.


You can find Eliza's website DIY MODE here. If you like her posts, you can of course also become her fan on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

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