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Advantages and disadvantages of gel batteries as power storage

Gel batteries are clear compared to other solar power storage systems more complex. This is what the battery boxes usually show thicker walls up and there will be others high purity lead alloys and safety valves used. This mainly affects the weight. The energy density of the lead-gel battery is at 30 WH / kg. For comparison, lithium-ion variants have energy densities of up to 190 WH / kg. That is also the main reason why using lead-gel batteries to the heaviest stores count in the market.

In addition to weight, there are other differences. For example, a lead-gel battery is often used as a solar power storage device calendar life of ten years specified. A lithium-ion battery has a service life of often over 15 years on. It also has a gel battery only half as manymaximum charging cycles like lithium-ion batteries and can only be up to one depth of dischargeof 50% be discharged.

As a lead-gel battery quite up to 8 hours may need to get one carry out a full charge cycle, it can problems in the winter months come. Because in the dark season remains after self-consumptionnot enough power leftto get the lead-gel battery go through a full charge cycle allow. And this is exactly where it becomes critical: Will the lead-gel batteries last for a longer period of time? not fully charged, their battery voltage drops noticeably off. As soon as the voltage falls below a critical value, the lifespan suffers the lead-gel battery. Correspondingly modern control devices switch off the memory in such a case in order to protect it from damage. Lithium-ion batteries can a full charge cycle within an hour perform and thus have no problems even in the winter months.

However, there are arguments in favor of using it as a solar power storage system the freedom from maintenance. However, if you want to take the trouble, you can too regular maintenance a lead-acid battery (liquid control, gentle, different charging up to gassing) do it yourself and thus extend the service life. With your own contribution you get a solar power storage at an even cheaper price.

However, you have to when space is limited note that one with housings of the same size, Gel batteries something less capacity and more weight to have. in case of an Battery type change The charger and solar regulator must also be checked to see whether they still used as sealed solar gel batteries are a not so high end-of-charge voltage may have.