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Everything you need to know about the SEO check

The Seobility SEO Check is a tool that checks your website for technical errors and problems with on-page optimization. You will receive an extensive list of errors that were found on your site and you can see at a glance where there is still room for improvement.

How does an SEO check work?

The Seobility SEO Check crawls the URL you entered in a similar way to search engines. The page is then checked for more than 200 SEO-relevant criteria such as meta information, page quality, structure and much more.Based on this, your individual SEO score is calculated and a list of errors that were found on your website is output.

What is analyzed in an SEO check?

The Seobility SEO Check checks whether your website meets the quality guidelines that search engines use to calculate the ranking. For this, more than 200 factors from the categories meta information, page quality, page structure, linking, server configuration and external factors are checked and used to calculate the SEO score.

The individual SEO score of your website expresses how well it meets the quality guidelines of search engines. If your score is over 80%, you can assume that your website is already sufficiently optimized. A score of less than 80%, on the other hand, indicates that there is still room for improvement. If your score is less than 30%, there are serious bugs and issues on your website that you should urgently address.

Can I download a PDF file with the results?

Yes, you can download a PDF file of your SEO Check results by clicking on “PDF Export” at the top of the results page. You can choose between a short or full report and even upload your own logo to generate a personalized report. Note: This feature is only included in the Seobility Premium Account.

How can I improve my SEO Score?

You can improve your SEO score by fixing the errors that the SEO check found on your site. The to-do list at the beginning shows you which optimizations are most important in order to achieve noticeable improvements quickly. These are the tasks you should tackle first when you start optimizing your website.

How can I check my rankings?

There are numerous online tools that you can use to check your rankings, such as the Seobility Ranking Check. Simply enter your domain and the search term for which you want to check your ranking. The tool immediately shows you the ranking of your domain as well as the top 100 URLs that rank for this keyword.