What did the word MOM mean

What does mom mean? We explain the abbreviation


Have you come across the abbreviation "mom" on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and don't know what it means? We'll tell you what the abbreviation stands for and how you can use it correctly.

What does "mom" mean? Definition and explanation of the abbreviation

The abbreviation Mom comes from the English and is a short form of "Mother", the English word for mother. Thus, Mom is the English version of Mama. In the meantime, however, the short form is not only used by native speakers, more and more German native speakers are also calling their mother "Mom".

However, there is also another meaning that you need to determine depending on the context. "Mom" can also be short for "moment ...". With this you let another person know that you need a moment to find out something or that you are briefly away from the PC or cell phone. So if someone asks you something "ASAP", but it just doesn't fit, the abbreviation "mom" is a suitable answer. Depending on which conversation you are in online, you have to determine for yourself what the abbreviation is currently being used for.

"mom": This is how you use the abbreviation

You are happy, because TGIF, you want to go out and your chat partner asks you where you want to meet in the evening or what the name of the restaurant was again, then you can simply write: "I'll take another look, mom ..." and the other person knows that you will be unavailable for a moment. The same applies if your BFF asks "wmds?" In the chat, but you are busy at the moment. Just write "mom" quickly.

In German colloquial language outside of the Internet, the abbreviation is hardly used at all. It is only used online in various chats or on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

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