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Have an app developed: costs, steps & tips

One of the most common questions that we as app developers are asked is: "We would like to have an app developed ... What does it cost?"

For many customers, the price is often an important reason when choosing the right agency. How much an app costs cannot be answered that easily. There are many factors in app development that affect the price.

In this article we provide helpful tips to make your next app project a success!

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What does it cost to have an app developed?

What does it cost to develop an app? Due to the many different requirements, this cannot be said across the board. However, you can find out which factors influence the costs of developing an app.

The more Functions the more time the app developer needs for implementation. In addition, the Integration of external services like Facebook or Paypal increase the effort. The price for an app can therefore vary greatly.

Developing games, for example, involves high graphic standards. In comparison, developing a simple app with static content is cheaper. Since many apps have very different functions, it is difficult - and in our opinion not very serious - to determine exact price categories for app development.

Developing an app can best be compared to building a house: the bigger the house is and the more special features it has, the more expensive it will be.

When asked about the cost of a house, you cannot compare a small two-person house with a luxury hotel. It is similar with app development.

In addition, the following applies to every app project: the more precise the ideas and wishes, the more precise the estimate. That means: Less difference between the planned and actually incurred costs.

Daily rates from app developers

The daily rates of experienced app developers in Austria are between โ‚ฌ 800 and โ‚ฌ 1,200 net.

The level of training for developers in Austria is very high. Nevertheless, the daily rates are low in an international comparison with countries like Germany or the USA. That is why app agencies from Austria are extremely competitive in the market. Point for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Platform-specific costs

If you want to have an app developed, there are different costs. Some of them you don't even think of at first.

Anyone who runs an iOS app and places it in the App Store has to pay Apple $ 99 per year. In comparison, Google pays a one-time fee of $ 25 for registration. You can then put as many apps as you want in the Android Store.

Depending on which one Business model If you choose for your app, you have to expect additional costs. Apple and Google keep 30 percent per sold digital content (e.g. an eBook).

It is often also possible to integrate other payment providers such as Stripe or Paypal. This can reduce transaction fees many times over.

In addition, for the Hosting servers and domains as well as the use of other 3rd party service providers and software, additional fees apply.

Develop apps more cheaply thanks to hybrid development

Another important factor that affects the price of app development is the platforms it supports.

In addition to the common ones such as iOS, Android, web or desktop, there are now a number of other platforms such as SmartTVs, game consoles or SmartWatches.

If you only want to develop for one of these platforms, a native approach can be chosen. In this case only one app developer is required. This specializes in development with a specific programming language and platform.

If Android is also to be covered, things get more complicated. Another app developer is required who focuses purely on this platform.

This increases the cost of app development significantly. As a rule, there is at least a doubling.

The use of web technologies can save costs when developing an app

Hybrid app development is a time-saving and cost-saving alternative. Certain basic web development technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) are used. With the help of different frameworks (such as Ionic, Native Script), the app is adapted to the respective platform.

Hybrid app development has one major advantage. Only one app developer (or team) is required. He must be familiar with the respective technologies. This means that several platforms can be operated at the same time. In addition, you save long-term costs for updates and further development.

Careful planning lowers costs

As a customer, you can also have a positive influence on the costs of app development.

The precise specification of requirements and functions is very important. This is the only way to accurately estimate the cost of having the app developed.

If you as the client have already developed a concept, this will help us with the effort estimate. This makes it easier to understand the functions and processes in the app. In addition, you can sketch out certain processes and workflows in advance. The Prototype on Paper app or simply a sheet of paper and a pen are suitable for this.

As app developers, we can familiarize ourselves with processes and functions in advance. If you, as a customer, do good preparatory work, the actual development effort can usually be greatly reduced.

It is also an advantage if you already have some ideas about the design of the app. It also helps if there is a corporate identity for the company or a style guide. The preferred colors and fonts are specified there. This lowers the cost of app development.

Why should a company have an app developed?

The use of mobile devices has exploded in recent years. That is why it is no longer sufficient for companies to operate their own website and be represented on social media channels.

Developing an app is now mandatory for many companies. With more than 197 billion app downloads in 2017, this is no longer a big surprise.

So why is it so important to have an app developed for your own company? We have the 4 most important reasons summarized.

1. Apps increase customer loyalty

In short, it is a must for every company these days "mobile-friendly" to be.

On average, smartphone owners spend almost 3 hours a day on the screen. It is therefore clear that Apps one of the most important channels for communication with customers.

An app gives the customer the opportunity to interact with the company anytime, anywhere. This fact offers companies a number of possibilities:

  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Free customer loyalty services
  • Continuous support and feedback
  • Additional reward and loyalty programs

With these activities it is possible for the company Customer loyalty long term too increase. In this way, the customer lifetime value can also be increased sustainably.

2. Apps are an additional sales channel

As already mentioned, customers can interact with the company anytime and anywhere through an app.

You don't have to switch to another device and visit the website. Customers can do it right from their smartphone.

That is why an app is also a direct one Sales channel. In comparison, this channel has a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate than a website.

This enables sales to be optimized and, at the same time, the cost of customer acquisition to be reduced.

3. Apps increase brand value

The more often customers come into contact with a company or a brand, the greater the chances that customers will use the products and services.

Once the app has made it onto the customer's smartphone, the app icon on the home screen activates the Perception of the customer. In addition, many apps have very strong viral potential.

Cleverly placed recommendation functions for family and friends can help an app to spread to customers all by itself.

4. Apps provide valuable customer feedback

Knowing what customers think of a company is extremely important.

Developing an app can help more about customers and their interests to find out. App developers can incorporate functions that make it possible to collect customer data.

These can then be analyzed by the company. The feedback gained is valuable for optimizing your own products and services.

Before a company can benefit from these advantages, the app must first be developed. This involves going through several phases.

App development: From the idea to the app store

Every app developer can testify that every completed project had its own peculiarities.

The app development process can be divided into individual generalizable phases. Our customers often ask us what the typical process for developing an app looks like.

In general, we rely on one very agile development process. This is reflected in the close cooperation with our customers as well as the iterative software development contrary. When we are commissioned to develop an app, the process usually looks like this.

1. First contact & app idea

We receive the request for the app project by email or phone. Here we discuss the rough idea of โ€‹โ€‹the app idea.

At an initial meeting, other important basic questions are clarified with the customer. Depending on how far the project description is, a workshop can be planned.

2. Workshop and user stories

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible support in every phase of app development.

Many customers come to us with an idea. Without having thought about the implementation beforehand. In this case, workshops have proven their worth. The requirements for the app are determined together with you. The description of the requirements are called user stories. The name arose from the description of the functions from the user's point of view.

Our experience has shown that the focus of the project can be sharply sharpened in the joint discussion. This can reduce the time it takes to develop the app. Your budget is also spared when you have the app developed.

A joint workshop serves as the basis if you want to have an app developed

We rely on the development approach of the Minimum Viable Product (short MVP). In the first version of the app, only those function (s) should be displayed that provide the user of the app with the greatest added value.

Based on the findings from the workshop, the requirements for the app are presented in the form of User stories summarized. These are then stored in the Project backlog recorded.

The backlog serves as a tool for control and communication with our customers. The backlog can be thought of as a collection of planned functions. The functions are regularly re-prioritized and refined during the project.

3. Assessment and offer

Based on this information, we estimate the effort required to develop the app.

We analyze the existing information as well as the defined user stories from the conception phase. The created offer then already provides initial suggestions for the implementation of certain functions and user stories.

If the prepared offer corresponds to your budget, the implementation can start. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Design, development and feedback loops

After careful planning and a conscientious estimate of the effort, the actual phase of app development has finally started.

Close cooperation and direct communication are important factors for the success of a project. The process is therefore designed to be as transparent as possible. We bet Scrum as an agile method for development. As a customer, you can get an overview of the current state of development at any time.

At the end of each 14-day development phase (= โ€œsprintโ€) you will receive a testable version of the app. That has an enormous advantage. You can give feedback easily and directly. As developers, we can incorporate changes at any time.

Your feedback will improve and expand the functionality and quality of the app with every further sprint.

5. Publication and marketing of the app

Depending on the functionality of the app, the development of the MVP (minimum viable product = version with the most important functions) is completed after approx. 3 to 6 months.

Now it is time to publish the app in the respective app store. This means that the app can be installed by users all over the world and used every day.

We will also support you in this phase. We'll help you create developer accounts, upload screenshots, videos or descriptions. We also support other activities such as the evaluation of key figures for downloads and installations.

We are also happy to help with the marketing of the new app. On the one hand, it is important to improve the ranking and visibility in the individual app stores. The term ASO (= App Store Optimization) summarizes all measures in this context. Usually there is always a website for an app. This describes the most important functions of the app. It is also the first point of contact for the user with questions or problems. Search engine optimization (= SEO or Search Engine Optimization) can improve the ranking of a page in Google search results over the course of a few months. This in turn leads to more visitors to the site. The more visitors come to the website, the more downloads your app has.

We also support you with apps that are only intended for internal use. In this case, we help with the introduction with training courses and workshops.

6. Maintenance and Support

Even after the app is published, the collaboration with customers does not end.

We are also available for the maintenance and further development of the app. Software is constantly evolving. Therefore, apps have to be updated again and again.

Examples of the duration and costs of app development

It can take several months to develop an app. We have listed some examples of apps and the associated costs:

App typeContinuous developmentcosts
App for displaying static content (text, video)1-2 monthsfrom 9,900.00
App with community functions (including registration, photo upload, etc.)2-4 monthsfrom 14,900.00
App with shopping functions, payment, push notifications4-6 monthsfrom 19,900.00

The stated net costs for having the app developed are rough estimates and represent lower price limits.

Is it now cheaper to have an app developed? Or to develop the necessary resources and employees yourself in the company?

Companies must ask themselves these questions before implementation. The disadvantage of internal development: building a suitable and well-coordinated team takes time. Therefore, in most cases it makes more economic sense to turn to specialists.

Would you like to have an app developed and are you looking for a partner?

We have now completed a large number of projects and can also boast internal success stories.

We would be happy to invite you to a non-binding initial meeting. Let's get to know each other and discuss your app project together! ๐Ÿ™‚ We will help you with tips on the idea, the concept and estimate the effort for you.

You will find examples of our work in our portfolio. Ask us about current references and projects in development!