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Welcome to the cozy home cinema of the Planearium! I don't record anything myself, but I would like to gradually collect links to all the interesting videos that have to do with South Park. So far it's mostly interviews with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but the whole thing should grow in the future. After all, it is easy to lose track of the many videos that are out there. They are sorted chronologically and the most important information is included.

San Diego Comic-Con Panel

07/18/2013: Detailed question and answer session with Trey Parker, Matt Stone and fans. It's about her game "South Park: The Stick of Truth" as well as all sorts of other topics. 4 videos, total length about 1 hour.
E3 IGN interview

06/12/2013: You can tell what the important topic was at that time. Another E3 interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone about South Park: The Stick of Truth. Managed with the video game portal IGN. 6:35 min.
E3 Gamespot interview

06/12/2013: Trey Parker and Matt Stone were there again at E3 in 2013. This is a short interview that Gamespot had with them about their new game, South Park: The Stick of Truth. 3:01 min.
E3 Microsoft press conference

June 4th, 2012: Trey Parker and Matt Stone presented "South Park: The Stick of Truth" at the E3 video game show in L.A. Including funny swipes at the previous announcements at this event. 2:07 min.
60 Minutes: South Park

09/25/2011: At about the same time as the (highly recommended!) Documentary "6 Days to Air", this little look behind the scenes of South Park was taken with a lot of interview material. Two videos: 13:58 min and 4:56 min.
MTV's Stand In

09/2011: Trey Parker and Matt Stone surprise first-year students at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University as guest lecturers. In the subject of "Storytelling Strategies" they talk about scriptwriting. 6:06 min.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

June 15, 2011: Trey Parker and Matt Stone talked about their "The Book of Mormon" success. From minute 3 it's about South Park (whether they still want to see the show and the censoring of "shit"). 5:42 min.
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

03/23/2011: Trey Parker and Matt Stone appeared on a talk show when "The Book of Mormon" premiered. From 7:40 am it's about South Park. We also end up hearing a song that Trey recorded as a schoolboy. 13:51 min.
The Late Show with David Letterman

02/28/2011: Trey Parker and Matt Stone appear on the talk show ahead of the "The Book of Mormon" premiere. From minute 6:20 on, they talk about their legendary appearance in women's clothes at the Oscars, drugs and briefly about South Park. 6:19 min.
Science Of The Movies

December 3rd, 2009: Making Of. Nar Williams visits South Park Studios for his show. He talks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone about production and is shown around by Eric Stough and other staff. 13:17 min.
The Amazing Meeting

1/20/2007: Trey Parker and Matt Stone at a science and critical thinking event. The Q&A is mainly about paranormal topics, religion and scandals in South Park. 35:14 min.

09/22/2006: TV report by the American broadcaster ABC, which largely consists of an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, as well as scenes from the series. Aired for Season 10 of South Park. 10:44 min.
Reason in Amsterdam press conference

08/24/2006: Trey Parker and Matt Stone were guests at this event of the "Reason Foundation", a liberal organization. It's about drugs, Michael Moore, their political views and favorite episodes. 8:23 min.
Peabody Awards, Interview 1

06/05/2006: This short interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone was made at the George Foster Peabody Awards. It's about giving awards and being invited to look cooler. 1:34 min.
Peabody Awards, Interview 2

06/05/2006: This short interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone was made at the George Foster Peabody Awards. They talk about how they were inspired to create the character Butters by their friend Eric Stough. 0:34 min.
Late Show with David Letterman

03/15/2006 (recording: March 13th): Talk show appearance in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone have to report (once again ...) about the beginnings of South Park. Interesting, however, is an anecdote from Trey's school days. 6:20.
Scene from "This Film Is Not Yet Rated"

2006: For this documentary, Matt Stone reports on Trey Parker's experiences with the MPAA in their films. It's about Orgazmo, South Par and Team America. 2:58 min.
CBS Sunday Morning: A Walk in the Park

December 4th, 2005: A CBS report about South Park that aired during season 9. A look behind the scenes with interview snippets and excerpts from the episodes. There is not much new to see. 9:21 min.
Interview in Sweden

10/2005: Trey and Matt toured Europe to promote "Team America". Here they happily answer some unusual questions, such as which actors they should play. 5:26 min. Part 2: 5:43 min.
The Charlie Rose Show

09/26/2005: Description will be added. 9:50 min.
Late Night with Conan O'Brien

October 13, 2004: Trey Parker and Matt Stone appear on the talk show. It's mostly about their film, Team America: World Police, but they also talk about Matt's involvement in Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. 8:57 min.
VH1 Goes Inside: South Park

10/17/2003: Description will be added. 40:28 min.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

03/12/2003: Talk show, it starts at 1:40 minutes. Trey Parker and Matt Stone tell a very short story about Norman Lear, the kissing scene from BASEketball, Saddam Hussein and the farting of celebrities. Total running time: 16:48 min.
South Park 5th Anniversary Special

09/03/2002: Funny special for South Park's fifth birthday, which was called "Wild Parties". Trey Parker and Matt Stone throw a pretty lonely party. Where are the celebrity guests staying? 9:20 min.
PlayStation2 Launch Party

Oct 18, 2000: Trey Parker and Matt Stone are interviewed at the PS2 premiere. They talk about video games in general and the screwed up South Park games in particular. But also about Kenny's deaths and guest stars. 3:03 min.
Academy Awards

03/26/2000: A short interview that the celebrity magazine E! performed on the red carpet with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. A famous appearance by the two, because they had appeared in women's clothes for the Academy Awards. 0:43 min.
South Park film premiere

06/23/1999: Interview with Trey and Matt before the premiere of their film "South Park: Bigger, longer & uncut". They talk about the age rating, the issues with the MPAA youth protection agency and the title. 1:50 min.
Goin 'down to South Park

May 3rd, 1999: Making Of. A not entirely serious documentary about the work on South Park, which was broadcast for the third season. Trey and Matt play their roles very entertainingly. 9:31 min. Part 2: 9:22 min.
MTV Music Video Awards

09/10/1998: Interview with Trey Parker (then still blond) and Matt Stone on the red carpet of the MTV Music Arwards. Unfortunately difficult to understand because of the loud, loud music in the background. 3:43 min.
Baseketball premiere

07/28/1998: Interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone at the premiere of the film "BASEketball" in which they played the leading roles. Difficult to understand at first because of background noise, but then it gets better. 2:44 min.
Dennis Miller Live: "Rebellion"

06/05/1998: Talk show with calls from the audience in which Trey Parker (exceptionally with pink hair) and Matt Stone were guests. The overarching topic was "Rebellion". 5:44 min. Part 2: 5:30 min.
PGA Awards

03.03.1998: The oldest interview that I have been able to find so far. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are briefly interviewed. They joke that they will continue doing South Park for another 17 years. 1:12 min.