What is Speedo

Speedos or shorts - swimming trunks are a sensitive issue

The problem with swimming trunks is usually that they are the only thing a man wears on the beach or in the pool. Consequently, they should also look better on the wearer. But that's not that easy. After all, there are different lengths, cuts and fabrics. The stylist Daniel Sartore is a convinced Speedo wearer, so an advocate of the "short and tight". To the incomprehension of our author Lukas Krombholz, who in turn wears shorts. Here both explain to each other why they prefer the respective variant and present three current favorite models.

Position one: Why I wear “Speedos”

Isn't it interesting that it is called swimming trunks when in fact it is not actually a pair of pants? Unlike at the turn of the century before last, when men actually went swimming in long pants. They still had it better than women, who at that time were only allowed to go into the water almost fully clothed. It was not until the 1930s that shirtless swimwear began to emerge, although it was then made of silk. I would wear it too.

Actually, my preferred model should be called swim briefs ... But the word is not really common, it doesn't matter, it doesn't sound particularly sexy, does it? “Badeslip”, phew, we'd rather stick with the term Speedo. As is well known, this is the name of the company that was founded in 1914 by a Scottish immigrant in Australia and that stands for tight-fitting swimming trunks like no other. Speedo was also the first company to introduce nylon swim trunks in the 1950s, followed by models made from a nylon-elastane mix in the 1970s. A company with tradition and innovation.