Why do male cats pee on everything

When stress and fear lead to uncleanliness

If, on the other hand, your cat turns out to be physically healthy, there are probably psychological reasons behind the "pee attacks" on your bed. Don't worry, it is not always a deep-seated psychological “trauma”, but can also be traced back to supposedly minor details.

Cats are creatures of habit and very sensitive. Even the smallest changes in their everyday life or their surroundings can put the cat under stress. As a result, your cat may pee in bed.

A redesigned room, a new piece of furniture, or an unusual event, such as the fireworks on New Year's Eve, can irritate and scare your cat. Sometimes a freshly washed cat blanket that no longer smells like usual is enough.

And of course there are also larger, unavoidable events that put your cat under great stress. For example moving to a new home, moving out of a family member, giving birth to a baby or moving in a new pet.

In addition, changes in your behavior can unsettle the sensitive house tigers. For example, do you have less time for your cat because you have a new job or a new partner? Sometimes boredom or frequent loneliness also lead to psychological overloading of the cat.