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Country comparison : Germany has a higher corona death rate than the USA

In Germany, comparatively more people are now dying of or in connection with Corona than in the USA. And this despite the fact that far more people in the United States are infected with the virus in relative terms. That comes from figures from the US American Johns Hopkins University, which represent the average of the past seven days.

For every one million inhabitants in the USA, around 750 people were infected on Wednesday, in Germany it was only a little less than a third of them. In a comparison of the countries in the European Union, Germany is even below the average - which is more than 300.

In terms of deaths, however, Germany is ahead of the United States and is approaching 11 deaths per million inhabitants. In the USA, as of Wednesday, a little more than 10 people per day die from or in connection with Corona. It was only last week that Germany overtook the USA. Now there are more than ever. Here Germany is well above the EU average of around 7.5.

The death rate per confirmed corona case is now higher in Germany than in the USA. As of the beginning of the week, 2.2 percent of infections in this country ended fatally, in the USA it was 1.7 percent.

In terms of deaths per million inhabitants, Germany is now among the worst hit countries. Only Great Britain and the four EU countries Sweden, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Portugal are even worse affected. The British recorded the highest number of deaths per million inhabitants in the past seven days at 23.1.

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The high death rate could also be related to the age distribution. The trend is clear: The people who died from or in connection with Corona in Germany are older than in the USA. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 96 percent of the deceased in Germany are older than 60 years, and just under 70 percent are older than 80.

In the USA, four out of five corona deaths are older than 65, but only 60 percent are older than 75. This is based on figures from the US health authority CDC.

US President Donald Trump has been heavily criticized in the past weeks and months for his handling of the corona pandemic. He sometimes compared it to common flu. After his election defeat in November there was further criticism, as he was dealing with legal steps against it and not with the worsening corona situation in the USA.

The concentration of countries in Europe, where in comparison more people die of or in connection with Corona, could be related to the fact that the much more aggressive Corona mutant is rampant there. Another interesting detail in this regard: In the EU, the seven-day incidence is still well below the US.

The fact that the USA has significantly more confirmed infections but fewer deaths in comparison can also be explained by the fact that significantly more tests are carried out in the USA. In the past few days there was an average of four tests per 1000 inhabitants, in Germany it was just over one test per 1000 inhabitants.

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The proportion of positive tests in the total number therefore gives a better picture of the infection rate - and corresponds to the death rate. Because the so-called positive rate in Germany at the beginning of the year was just as slightly above that in the USA as the number of people who died of or in connection with Corona: In Germany it was 16.1 percent at the beginning of January, in the USA 15 percent.

The positive rate in Germany had never been so high before, in the USA it was well over 20 percent. In Germany, the rate fell this week, according to data from the RKI, again below 13 percent, a comparative value from the USA is not yet available for this week.

Due to the respective situation, both countries are trying to speed up their vaccination campaigns. The USA, which as of Tuesday vaccinated nine million of its 328 million inhabitants, is now gradually injecting vaccine into all people over 65 years of age. In Germany, where around 690,000 people have only been vaccinated, it will take a while until then - but at least millions of other vaccine doses have recently been ordered from Biontech and Pfizer.

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