How would you describe your fitness level

Promote your active lifestyle with the new Suunto 3 Fitness

Adaptive training instructions as well as the recording of your activities and sleep quality support a balanced and active lifestyle

Vantaa, Finland - Suunto announces that the new Suunto 3 fitness watch will be available in retail stores from April 25th. The new fitness watch - designed for people with an active lifestyle who want to improve their health and well-being - creates an innovative, adaptive training plan based on your personal fitness level. Together with monitoring daily exercise and recovery times, it helps to create a healthy balance between activity and recovery.

The Suunto 3 Fitness is equipped with an additional new Suunto app for creating a log of your activity and recovery times as well as a connected GPS for recording speed, distance and route.

Nice, robust design for everyday use

The Suunto 3 Fitness can be worn both for versatile training and as an elegant timepiece. “During development, we always use the most important design elements from Suunto: robustness, accuracy and reliability, although we wanted to go one step further with the Suunto 3 Fitness. We designed them smaller and lighter than any previous connected sports watch, ”explains Timo Yliluoma, Suunto Design Manager. “The minimalist stainless steel bezel gives the watch a durable yet aesthetically pleasing appearance, while the small, rounded case and the soft bracelet make it easy and comfortable to wear day and night. That is why we describe the Suunto 3 Fitness as a robust beauty. "

Training plan and instructions that are tailored to you

The Suunto 3 Fitness makes training easy. Based on your personal profile, the watch creates a 7-day training plan with the optimal duration and intensity for each training session to improve your fitness. The planned training units are easy to carry out and adhere to. Under the guidance of the watch, you will stay at the correct intensity after the start and will be notified when you have reached your goal. If you prefer training without guidance, that is also possible.

After a few training sessions, the watch evaluates your fitness level. The training recommendations are based on your current fitness level and your recorded training history. The Suunto 3 Fitness adapts the training plan to your actual activities. So if you skip a workout or do a little more than planned out of excitement, no manual update of the watch is required.

Packed with sports expertise from Suunto

True to Suunto's sports expertise, Suunto 3 Fitness is ready for all your sports - from running, swimming and cycling to fitness, hiking and much more. The watch uses wrist cadence measurement to measure speed and distance during walking and running activities. You can also have your speed and distance recorded indoors.

Valencell Inc.'s wrist heart rate measurement ensures ease of use and the water resistance to 30 m means you can safely take the Suunto 3 Fitness with you for a swim. The watch has a five-day battery life with activity recording switched on around the clock.

Keep the balance between activity and relaxation

The watch automatically counts your daily steps and calories. With the easy-to-understand summaries, you get an overview of your overall activity and can create a balance between activity and relaxation. Wear the watch at night to track your sleep history. The sleep summary shows you how long and how well you slept.

In addition, the watch measures your exercise and recovery phases throughout the day so that you can ensure that you have sufficient reserves for the whole day.
The recording of sleep quality, the monitoring of stress and recovery as well as the adaptive training instructions were developed in close cooperation with Firstbeat Technologies, Suunto's long-term partner in the field of sports science.

Complete your Suunto 3 fitness experience with the new Suunto app

Suunto 3 Fitness connects to the brand new Suunto app, which logs all your activities and keeps you up to date on your activity, as well as your sleep and general fitness trends. Share memorable moments from your activities and easily get in touch with others in the Suunto app community.

The connection to the Suunto app also enables the recording of speed and distance as well as your route - all based on the GPS in your mobile device. The intelligent mobile connection forwards incoming calls, messages and notifications to your watch. The Suunto app will be available in the App Store and Google Play.

Suunto 3 Fitness Gold and All Black (RRP 229 €) come with gold- or black-coated stainless steel bezels and buttons, while Suunto 3 Fitness Black, Ocean and Sakura come with polished stainless steel bezels at an RRP of 199 €. Read more about Suunto 3 Fitness at