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Housing eligibility certificate - WBS - application acceptance

With a housing entitlement certificate (WBS) you can move into an apartment ("social housing") that is subsidized with public funds. Whether you need a housing entitlement certificate or an RlvF certificate depends on the apartment you want to live in.

You can apply for several people if they are related or if both people submit a declaration of partnership, see "Required documents".
If you want to set up a shared apartment, a joint application is not possible. It is also not possible to combine several individual residence entitlement certificates.

An apartment hunter who is eligible to apply must generally be of legal age.
(Exceptions must be clarified with the competent authority)

The housing entitlement certificates are usually valid for 1 year and are withdrawn by the landlord when moving into the apartment.

What does the term “urgency” or “special housing need” mean in the WBS procedure?

The term "urgency" is an older term for "special housing needs".

"Special housing needs" does not mean "preferential faster processing" of the application.

A "special housing requirement" can be granted under certain conditions. A WBS with this reservation entitles the holder to move into a social housing for which the State of Berlin has the right to occupy.
The general requirement for the recognition of "special housing needs" is that the person looking for accommodation has been registered with their main residence in Berlin for at least one year.

The district housing office examines the requirements for the recognition of "special housing needs".

You can check whether you can get a housing entitlement certificate with the housing entitlement query


  • German nationality
    You are a German citizen.
  • Citizens of the European Union
    You are a citizen of a member state of the European Union (EU).
  • foreign citizens with a residence permit of at least 1 year
    You are a citizen of a country outside the EU and have a residence permit that is valid for at least 1 year.

Required documents

  • Application for a housing entitlement certificate according to § 5 WoBindG or according to § 27 WoFG WBS
    with the following systems
    Please fill out the application. It must be signed by all persons of legal age.
  • Declaration of Income
    Please fill out the income statement for each person. It must be signed by all persons of legal age.
  • Income certificate
    The income certificate is filled out and signed by the employer.
  • Partnership declaration
    A declaration of partnership may be necessary for unmarried or unrelated persons.
  • Joint Custody Declaration
  • Proof of reporting (copy)
    from all persons named in the application
    There are costs for the registration certificates. More on the subject: registration certificate
  • Identification documents (copy)
    from all persons named in the application
    For example, identity cards or foreign passports with a residence permit
  • Birth certificate of your children (copy)
    if your children are named in the application
  • Marriage certificate (copy)
    if you are married
  • Proof of another marital status (a copy)
    You are not single
    for example divorce decree, death certificate
  • Acknowledgment of paternity (copy)
    For example, in the case of a relationship with a joint child and a decision on custody
  • Severely handicapped ID (copy)
    You are severely disabled,
    Front and back of the severely disabled ID card
  • Mother pass (copy)
    you are pregnant
    the maternity card with a registered 14th week of pregnancy
  • Semester certificate (copy)
    for students,
    in the case of foreign students, also the certificate stating the duration of the studies
  • Civil partnership certificate (copy)
    they have entered into a civil partnership
  • If you are a foreigner, proof of your right of residence (copy)
    If you belong to a country of the European Union (EU), a copy of your identification document is usually sufficient. If you belong to another country, you need a residence permit, for example a residence permit.
  • In addition to the application for a housing entitlement certificate, other documents may be required:
    Please note that the documents mentioned cannot be an exhaustive list because each applicant may require special private information and evidence.
    Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a letter from the authorities stating which documents are missing for processing.