How hot are Batman fans

Attention Batman fans: 6 DC films on Blu-ray for 40 euros

With the new Amazon promotion, DC fans can get Blu-rays even cheaper. Here you can put 6 Batman films in your shopping basket for 40 euros and save a lot.

At Christmas, wishes come true, maybe for some Batman fans too, because Amazon is currently running a special offer: 6 Blu-rays for 40 euros. The offer itself is okay, but among the almost 700 films we have found special treats for DC fans.

But first: If you want to put together the Blu-ray package yourself, you should use this link

The campaign will run until December 27, 2020 and if you order early enough, you will get the delivery before Christmas.

Add these Batman movies to your DC collection

However, there are some DC films hidden in the offer that one or the other of you may not have seen yet, such as these seven animated films in which the DC icon plays the leading role:

  • Batman: Under the Red Hood * (2010) - Community score: 7.36
    Batman faces the ultimate challenge when the mysterious Red Hood takes Gotham City by storm. The Blu-ray also scores with excellent bonus material, including the short animated film Jonah Hex.

  • Batman of the Future - The Joker is coming back * (1999) - Community value: 6.78
    Gotham City in 2039: The aged Bruce Wayne has withdrawn into isolation. Fate brings 16-year-old Terry McGinnis into his house and Batman has to put the costume back on.

  • Justice League Dark * (2017) - Community score: 6.53
    The Justice League Dark is turned towards the dark and deals with the threats from the realms of the occult, supernatural and otherworldly. Even Batman is not averse to working together when the call for a slightly different hero is heard.

  • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight * (2018) - Community value: 6.50
    A woman murderer whom everyone calls Jack the Ripper keeps Gotham City in suspense with extreme brutality. The police around Commissioner James Gordon are powerless and so it is up to Batman to end the cruel hustle and bustle of the murderer.

  • Batman: Hush * (2019) - Community score: 6.42
    In order to finally stop the villain Hush, Bruce Wayne aka Batman has to mobilize all his powers. From Superman to Nightwing, Catwoman and Poison Ivy to the Joker, all characters in the DC universe appear.

  • Batman and Harley Quinn * (2017) - Community score: 6.23
    Batman and Nightwing fraternize me with the Joker's former lover, Harley Quinn. Your goal is to work together to stop Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue from taking over the world.

  • Batman: The Killing Joke * (2016) - Community score: 6.09
    How did the Joker get his laugh? The Killing Joke delivers the punch line: Basically, the man who became the Joker just wanted to bring a smile to his fellow human beings - if it hadn't been for a bad day.

In addition to these DC animated films, you will also find the usual suspects in the current Amazon offer, such as Suicide Squad, Man of Steel and Justice League, and, and, and ...

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How about you: Do you also watch animated films with Batman or just the big blockbusters?