Why does the excitement take over while studying

Goal: dual study

We want to find real talents and promote their potential.

Hamburg, Speyer, Kempen, Offenburg - the applicants came from all over Germany to put their skills to the test in various tests. Nervousness and slight tension are in the air. Anyone who's about to take an exam knows that too well.

“For us, personal qualifications count more than academic achievements. Of course, to study business administration with a focus on financial sales, you have to have a certain affinity for numbers. But we are much more interested in the applicant's personality, ”says Klaus Höhn, Director of Education Management at Deutsche Vermögensberatung.

The exams are also easier in an open, family atmosphere. Math, English and several personality tests are on the program. The main aim is to test the applicants' individual qualities, emphasizes Professor Dr. Michael Thiemermann, head of the FHDW in Marburg: "A willingness to learn, motivation, determination and enjoyment in dealing with people are essential for a successful degree at the FHDW and for working as a financial advisor."

“We received a very friendly and warm welcome here. I was able to make friends right away, also in the group. It's a very pleasant atmosphere that is good for you - despite all the excitement, ”says applicant Katharina Tappehorn. "It is a small private university where you immediately feel in good hands and welcome."

The perfect tool for the financial advisor profession

In three years, the students acquire in-depth specialist knowledge of finance and corporate management and strive for the five degrees of Bachelor of Arts in business administration, with a focus on financial sales (FHDW), insurance and finance businessman (IHK), certified financial investment specialist ( IHK), certified real estate loan broker (IHK) and certified asset advisor DBBV.

In addition, students benefit - already during their studies and after their graduation - from a wide range of training and further education offers from the German Academy for Asset Consulting (DAV).

“It was always clear to me: I want to study. I also find investment advice very exciting. Studying at the FHDW allows you to combine specialist knowledge and practical experience, ”says Katharina Tappehorn. "I'm super happy to be able to study here and can hardly wait!"

Not just theory

The course consists of theoretical and practical phases, which alternate in regular sections. In this way, the knowledge acquired is implemented in professional life. From day one, the students take on demanding tasks independently. They are supported by an experienced investment advisor as a mentor.

“After graduating from high school, I first went abroad to find out where my strengths were and what really mattered to me. My father gave me my first insights into the work of an asset advisor and I am convinced that I would also like to do it professionally. Today I was able to sniff the FHDW air: personal, friendly, open. We were all well introduced and accompanied. Through my studies, I want to acquire excellent specialist knowledge in order to be able to advise my customers in the best possible way, ”says the applicant Celine Cirotzki.

Study that is fun

Studying is a new phase in life. For many it means a new city, looking for a room in a shared apartment, arriving at a university. A lot takes care of itself for the students at the FHDW - with a wide range of support from Deutsche Vermögensberatung. Your own dormitory, a cafeteria, where newcomers are also warmly welcomed and the exchange takes place, a library, a fitness room and a billiard room: in short, you quickly feel at home here.

For spontaneous applicants: be quick now!

Are you interested in the dual study program at the FHDW? Now it's time to take your last chance. There are only a few places left. The course starts in April 2018.

Send your complete application (including cover letter, curriculum vitae and certificates) to the Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW).

You can find more information about our dual studies at www.karriere.dvag.