What do you think of renting toys?

Temporary rattles - rental agency for children's toys

Children cost money. Small and large. Not only do the clothes have to be bought new all the time. They are also the things that children are occupied with or play with. As you grow up, they change faster than you would like. After all, the offspring should be able to keep up and play age-appropriately. However, toys are not always cheap.

If the parents do not want to or cannot restrict themselves and still want to offer their children a varied range of toys, then it would not be a bad idea if they could rent toys. Two mothers of little boys from the USA came up with this idea.

They were just tired of piles of unused toys piling up in the nursery while the kids kept asking for new toys. They consistently put their business idea into practice. With babyplays.com, the rental agency for toys and things to do for babies and toddlers up to the age of six, they broke completely new territory even in the land of unlimited possibilities.

But babyplays.com was enthusiastically received by parents of young children. A model with a future, because the household budgets of families with many children are often heavily strained. Apart from that, it also saves resources, because a rattle remains a rattle even after the baby has long outgrown it.


Subscribe to toys instead of buying them

Many parents have waited a long time for this possibility. Because with Babyplays.com a completely new business model has emerged on the market for children and baby toys in the USA. Small children in particular are often overwhelmed with things that they only deal with rudimentary. Most of the time things end up in the corners of the children's room and pile up, because the children no longer pay attention to the toys.

From a certain age onwards, there is always the whining for new things, because children are also exposed to overstimulation from the media. If you give in to them, that can cost a lot of money. Many parents either don't want to or can't do that.

Toys can be rented at babyplays.com for US $ 4.99 per unit per month plus shipping costs. The minimum order quantity per order is 4 units. Temporary memberships that work in a similar way to a subscription offer advantages.

The monthly fee for the 4-month bronze membership is US $ 19.99 and includes 8 toys with a 60-day changeover cycle. The 3-month silver membership costs $ 35.99 per month and includes 12 toys with a 30-day changeover rhythm.

These different alternatives allow parents to pinpoint and better plan the cost of the toys. The maximum rental period is 90 days, with only the monthly rental fee. If a child does not want to let go of a rented toy, it can also be purchased at a reduced price.

On the rental agency's website, the toys can be sorted according to age groups (0-0.5; 0.5-1; 1-2; 2-3; 3-4; 5+), categories and manufacturers and reserve them for the next delivery to let.

Returns are sent via UPS. The items are either brought to the nearest UPS shop or the shipping service provider picks them up directly at home. The entire process at babyplays.com takes place online. All toys are cleaned, disinfected and dust-free for the next shipment in a complex 3-stage process after they have been returned.

A maximum of six toys can be rented in a month. That's 72 toys a year. A considerable variety that is almost nowhere else to be found. Payment is made exclusively by credit card. Delivery is only possible within the USA with a shipping time of 7-10 days.


There is also potential in Germany

Toy rental in Germany, like in the USA, would be completely new territory for company founders, but would offer the same advantages in this country as in the country of origin of the business idea. Children go through many stages of development, especially in the first years of life, each of which requires different toys. Since the cost of new toys is significant, parents can save a lot here.

Toy rental is not only a good alternative for your own children, but also, for example, on larger children's birthday parties, a way to organize additional toys temporarily and cheaply. Even with day care centers for vacation and vacation care, there is an additional need for varied play options.

Above all, when renting toys, parents are spared long, agonizing shopping trips for suitable toys and it is also easy on their wallets. If these aren't plausible arguments, what then?

Editor's note: babyplays.de is no longer active.