How to Record Web Radio

Record internet radio: With these two instructions it works!

Do you want that moderated themed programs from individual radio stations there is an alternative to recording via software: Many broadcasters also offer the option of Download recordings of broadcasts directly. You can do this via the browser of your PC as well as with your smartphone. So you can listen to an exciting documentary simply as an MP3 download on your mobile device or PC.

Such recordings are called podcasts: The term is made up of the English word for radio (“Broadcast”) and Apple's portable music player (“iPod”). Podcasts focus on the spoken word: As a rule, pieces of music played in the broadcasts are hidden here, as the radio stations are not allowed to redistribute them for reasons of copy protection.

You download a podcast by taking the side of your desireenders visiting, such as “Deutschlandfunk Wissen”: The relatively young broadcaster is mainly targeting a younger target group with its offerings and, in addition to music, also offers numerous information programs on all conceivable topics from society.

  1. Go to the website and click / tap in the top right corner of the window search.
  2. Give Podcasta.
  3. You will be redirected to a page with the broadcaster's offer. Click on your desired program there.
    Note: The individual programs are usually provided with a brief explanation and a download link.
  4. Click the download link. The download starts immediately.