ESE is more difficult than the GATE

Translation of "more putt" in spanish

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You couldn't be more beautiful putt more!
You couldn't be more beautiful putt more! Gate, gate, gate!

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Guess we won't tonight putt-putt play.
Goods Putt, Son, good man Putt.
Gerardo Vonder Putt, full name Gerardo Sebastián Vonder Putt Gabachuto, (February 28, 1988 in Montevideo) is a Uruguayan soccer player.
Gerardo Sebastián Vonder Putti Gabachuto (Montevideo, 28 de febrero de 1988) es un futbolista uruguayo.
Putti is like a real man.
Yes, the Antichrist had a golden one today putter.
Sí, el Anticristo traía hoy un putter de oro.
My putter is flatter than this thing.
Excavator, mi putter tiene más elevación que esto.
There are several in the sky above him Putt and at his sides two armed angels.
Debajo de él se adivina la figura tenebrosa de Satanás, mientras que dos ángeles vuelan por el cielo.
He was blonde and had the face of one Putti.
Era rubio y tenía el rostro de un querubín.
Tiger Woods would be on this one Putt been proud.
¡Tiger Woods habría estado orgulloso de hacer ese putt!
I don't miss his Putt on 17
Pero no me voy a perder su putt en el 17º.
I wanted to be on the green of St. Andrews putt.
Planeaba estar en los verdes prados de Saint Andrews.
I love this one putter, Ronnie!
¡Me encanta este palo, Ronnie!
This Putt from you on the seventh hole ...
Ese putt que hizo en el séptimo ...
Address: Vaatjesstraat 29, 2580 Putti, Belgium.
Dirección: Vaatjesstraat 29, 2580 Putte (Bélgica).
I would like to express my appreciation for how this is a subject by Mrs Van Putt has been treated so far.
Quiero expresar mi respeto por el modo en que la Sra. Van Putt has coordinado este expediente en el último período.
Our group has six amendments to Mrs van’s report Putt submitted.
Nuestro group has presentado seis enmiendas sobre el informe de la Sra. van Putt.
I bet that Putt is difficult.
Apuesto que el golpe debe ser fuerte.
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