Why do people hate winter

12 reasons I hate winter

The first snow falls on the ground and our hoods fall and Facebook and Twitter are full of cheers for the first winter weather report. Which I would never put a like under! After all, I definitely belong to the "Uh - it's snowing" faction instead of the "Juhuu - it's snowing!" Group. Why it is like that? There are several reasons for this:

Cold: Everything below zero degrees Celsius is simply not fun. And nobody has got any warmer from the constant tremor.

Snow in the city: The magical winter landscape lasts an average of 2 seconds in a city - then the white dream turns into brown, unsavory mud due to all the cars that roll over it.

Traffic chaos: Every year all road users are completely surprised when the first flakes are visible and lose themselves in the chaos on the streets.

Temperatures in public transport: Outside temperature: minus 7 degrees. Temperature in the subway: Plus 24 degrees. With 27 layers of clothing you die slowly and painfully to death in it.

Shopping: The 27 shifts are just as much fun when you take them with you into the changing room and are allowed to peel yourself sweating out and in again and again.

Icy wind: However, the above-mentioned sweat is instantly shock-frozen when entering the outside world - because the bitter cold wind searches its way through all the folds of clothing. And it hurts especially in the face - the only part of the body that is not covered with layers of fabric at all. And that, although we have the least self-protection here thanks to body fat - in contrast to our very best, who is usually surrounded by 27 warming covers.

Ice: Unfortunately, we are not talking about delicious chocolate ice cream and Co, but about slippery surfaces that cause broken bones: For me it was already a forearm and an elbow - and for you?

Diseases: Our immune system is weakened as a result of the cold, so viruses and bacteria celebrate happy parties. And we are not invited because we have to stay in bed due to coughs, runny nose and flu.

Last Christmas: The moment will be there soon: You hear "Last Christmas" for the first time on the radio or in a shop and then it won't go away. It feels like we're only released from the constant sound of Christmas carols after New Year's Eve.

Road salt: Unfortunately, salt is still spread everywhere in order to master the snow masses: apart from ugly edges on the shoes, this also causes painful inflammation on the paws of dogs, cats and wild animals.

Eternal Darkness: You get up and it's still dark, you come home from work and it's already dark again - barely getting any sun has been shown to make you depressed.

Did I mention the cold?

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