Why did you choose your major?

Combine interests - Bachelor's degree with major and minor subjects

German Studies with European Ethnology and History, Archaeological Sciences with Art History and Applied Computer Science, Communication Studies with European Economic Studies and General Linguistics or Romance Studies and Philosophy -the subject combinations in a multi-subject bachelor's degree are very diverse!

At the University of Bamberg you can study a variety of bachelor's programs as a 2-subject or 3-subject course! The various combination options allow you to bundle your interests into an individual course of study and thus develop a personal profile that will help you start your career.

In the case of a multi-subject course, you combine your desired major with another major or a major with two minor subjects, or you study your major as an extended major with a minor. Your studies are rounded off by the Studium Generale with 18 ECTS points and the bachelor thesis with 12 ECTS points, which you write in your first or extended major.

Think outside the box when it comes to possible combinations! You can also integrate minor subjects such as applied computer science or business administration into your studies in the humanities and cultural sciences!

It is usually possible to change the subject combinations. The Central Student Advisory Service and the Student Office will advise you on this.

The possible subject combinations are regulated in the appendix to the General Examination Regulations of the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies. The content of the individual subjects is regulated by the respective study and examination regulations.


Variants and possible combinations: