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Shah Rukh Khan's children learn two religions

10.06.2010 – 12:49


Hamburg (ots)

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan lets his children grow up with two faiths - and sees no problem in that: "My wife is Hindu and I am Muslim. We don't make a big deal out of it," Khan told ZEITmagazin. "When my children ask me how and to whom I pray, I explain it to them. When my wife prays, they ask her. Our children enjoy learning all this." The whole family believes "in the oneness of God. The languages ​​are different, the goal is the same."

He said to his children: "It doesn't matter what language you speak in, there are different roots, but there is a God. So sometimes they speak one and sometimes the other language, just like a person speaks German and English. You never ask: Are we Hindus or Muslims? They are Khans. " Although his house was guarded by police officers in the spring to protect him from militant Hindus, he feels safe: "I don't think anyone will harm me. I'm an entertainer. I'm there to give you a smile. I believe that no one will harm me because I make Muslims and Hindus smile alike. Everyone has the right to follow their dreams, their thoughts, their beliefs. "

He learned to "argue" from his father, who had studied law. As a businessman, his father was "unlucky in almost all areas of business": "When I was a teenager, he went bankrupt," said Khan. "Unfortunately, I never saw how he was really successful with anything - except for making me laugh He had an incredible sense of humor. "

Shah Rukh Khan is India's most successful actor, he has played in more than 70 roles in Bollywood films and is himself a film producer and presenter of the Indian edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" This week his film "My Name is Khan" opens in Germany.

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