How can I improve my mental math

Mental mathematics for special brain performance for children from 5 years


We are a team of several teachers with years of experience

How many hours per week are lessons?
Each level lasts between 13 to 15 weeks. 2 hours of lessons per week. The absolute requirement for mastering the method is daily practice. That is why the children receive an extra homework book with 10 minutes of tasks per day. Success is of course linked to the discipline of the children and parents.

Where do the lessons take place?
In principle, classes are held in our school premises at Scheidwaldstrasse 44 (near Bergerstrasse). However, there is the possibility of offering lessons in your kindergarten / school or other similar educational institution.

In what time horizon is the child fit in the basic arithmetic operations?
In the first 4 levels, the children learn a total of 36 formulas that are used to calculate. In order to master all types of arithmetic, the children must therefore be there for at least 2 to 2.5 years.

What group size should the group have?
For didactic reasons, the group must have at least 10, preferably 15, students. Didactic games based on the 10 system are used in the method. Therefore the number of students must be divisible by 5.

How is the learning objective control carried out?
At the end of each level there is a winning round for sorcerers' apprentices. The winning round must be passed with at least 75% in the given time.
With regular practice it is not a problem for most children.

What happens in case of illness?
You have the opportunity to catch up on the lessons in a group running in parallel. If possible, the catch-up should take place in the same week. If attending a class is not possible. Can you do the lesson yourself at home with the child? In the case of a revision lesson (usually weeks 5 and 8), the children can do it independently. Otherwise, the teacher is available by phone or Skype to explain the rule. The date for this must be discussed briefly with the teacher. In the event of a prolonged illness and a lack of leadership, the child must repeat the level.

When does the next group start?
depending on availablity


Price for 1 lesson: 15 € / h
Marianna offers the following types of classes:
Classes take place:
  • mathematics
  • logic
  • arithmetic
  • primary school
  • Lower level (grades 5-7)