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“Is hay fever contagious?” And other hay fever FAQs

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Every year millions of people - around 16 percent of Germans - suffer from hay fever. In spring, when the pollen particles of the plants are buzzing through the air, those affected quickly develop the typical symptoms such as itchy eyes or a runny nose, which are also similar to the symptoms of a cold. Have you been wondering for a long time what the causes of these symptoms are and whether hay fever is contagious or whether a pollen allergy is hereditary? We have the answer!

The allergic reaction in hay fever is caused by an excessive reaction of the immune system, which consists of a wide variety of proteins and cells. This system fights pathogens that have entered the body. If you suffer from hay fever, it means that the common proteins in pollen are wrongly found to be dangerous and thus are fought like pathogens.

The result is an inflammatory reaction, which is sometimes triggered by the inflammatory messengers histamine and leukotrienes. These messenger substances are released by mast cells when the pollen proteins are discovered by immune cells. There is a defense reaction of the body as soon as the pollen proteins enter the body via the mucous membranes. Then there are typical hay fever symptoms such as sneezing and itching, watery eyes or a runny and blocked nose. It is therefore always advisable to have a pack of the particularly gentle Tempo soft & sensitive in your pocket during the hay fever season

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