MacOS dies

The last iPod nano dies: Apple discontinues support

An era is coming to an end with the seventh generation of the iPod nano. At the beginning of the 2000s, Apple celebrated great success with the iPod and regained its image as a hip company. But the iPhone was to change everything in 2007 and increasingly took over the role of the camera, the telephone, the web browser and the music player. A few real iPod models followed, while Apple transformed a stripped-down iPhone into the iPod touch.

iPod nano (7th Gen): The last of its kind

The last real music player appeared in 2012 as the iPod nano, while in 2015 the color palette was renewed for the last time before it ceased sales in 2017. The last update is now five years and Apple will soon add it to the list of vintage products. With this, Apple heralds the slow end, because vintage products still receive limited hardware service from Apple and Apple service providers for around two more years. The device will then be declared obsolete and will no longer be repaired.

So if your iPod nano (7th generation) still needs a repair, you will still have some time to do it. As reported by the MacRumors website, Apple plans to add the last iPod nano to its list of vintage and discontinued products on September 30th.

Apple declares obsolete and vintage product

Vintage productsare products that have not been sold for over five, but no more than seven years. Vintage Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV products will continue to receive hardware service from Apple Service Providers, including Apple Stores, subject to stock availability or as required by law.

Obsolete products are products that were no longer sold more than seven years ago. Monster branded Beats products are considered obsolete regardless of the date of purchase. Apple has stopped the hardware service for discontinued products without exception. Service providers cannot order replacement parts for discontinued products.

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