Is education an asset?

House of Education - an enrichment of the Neusäss educational landscape

Neusäß: Neusäß | A central course is pending for the Neusäß school location. As part of a large-scale “Offensive Bildungsstandort”, several large construction projects will be implemented in the area of ​​the school center on Landrat-Dr.-Frey-Strasse in close cooperation with the Augsburg district in the coming years. In addition to renovation measures at the Justus-von-Liebig-Gymnasium starting in 2022, the necessary expansion of the secondary school is planned from 2025. The campus area will be enlarged overall. There is also a "House of Education" with the aim of locating supraregional educational institutions here as well. In the course of this reorganization of the school campus, the traffic situation will be adapted to future needs.

In a joint press conference, First Mayor Richard Greiner and District Administrator Martin Sailer presented their first plans for the “House of Education”. This attractive development is made possible by the acquisition of land by the city of Neusäß, which can thus provide the district with an area for the construction of the “House of Education”.

House of Education - concentration of educational competence

With the “House of Education”, the district of Augsburg is planning a project that is probably unique in Bavaria: the unification of all educational competencies of the district in one place. The settlement of all ministerial representatives of the administrative district of Swabia, areas of the education authority and the adult education center is planned. The House of Education could thus network schools, science, pedagogy, providers and pedagogical continuing education.
By concentrating decision-makers at different levels, the district expects new forms of communication and synergy effects in the use of shared infrastructures such as meeting rooms and training opportunities.