How should you wear platform shoes

Learning to walk in high heels: the best tips for high heels

What height and shape should one choose to walk more safely on high heels? And how do you manage to strut through life without falling, even on vertiginously high heels? We'll tell you how safe walking on high heels works!

Learning to walk on high heels: this is how you wear heels correctly

No master has fallen from the sky yet. This saying also applies to running on high heels. Tip: practice in front of the mirror! Move with a feminine swaying gait and put one foot in front of the other as you run.

In order to be able to walk elegantly with heels, you have to have the feminine swing of your hips. Just like the candidates at Germany's Next Top Model. But do not exaggerate! Too much hip use can quickly make your gait look cheap on high heels.

With these 4 tips you will walk more confidently on heels

1. Practice creates masters.
At first only wear the high heels for short distances (at home or on the way to the bakery) to get used to the new feeling. It's not about running a marathon in high heels: the goal is for you to move naturally and confidently in high heels.

2. Don't start too high.
The best heel height for the back is a minimum of 3 cm. From 9 cm the foot is too arched, which inevitably leads to balance problems. The perfect heel height is therefore 5 to 6 cm.

3. Stability is everything.
The shoe has to fit perfectly. Try on the high heels and take a few steps with them: Your foot must not tremble when you step on it. If you have to bend your knees too much while walking, the shoes are not suitable and your gait will look clumsy instead of elegant.

4. Straps provide security.
Tip for everyone who is still very unsure about walking on high heels: Choose high heels with ankle straps or ankle boots as training shoes. The reason: These shoe shapes give your feet support and you stand more stable in them. That makes walking in high heels a lot easier than in pumps.

Walking on high heels: this is the perfect beginner's shoe!

You're in luck, because the shops are teeming with wide block heel shoes. In these high heels you have a better grip and you walk more safely in them than on stilettos. In addition to the shape of the heel, the sole of the high heels also plays an important role when running. It should provide the foot with a comfortable curve and guarantee a secure stance. Incidentally, the ergonomic shape also prevents aching feet.

And: anti-slip insoles (available here at Amazon) can help you to improve your gait in heels!

Step by step to the perfect walk: choose the right heels

Newbies: You just do without your cozy sneakers to slip into super flat ballerinas? Then you shouldn't immediately grab shoes with a stiletto heel over 8 cm. Go step by step and slowly increase. Did you get caught up in the high altitude immediately? Then satisfy the sudden urge for size with platform heels, which are more stable than wobbly stiletto heels.

Experts: Have you strutted through life in high heels since your teenage years and fell in raptures at the mere thought of Christian Louboutin pumps? Then you can do everything in terms of sales. But be careful: do not strain your ankles more than necessary! Run barefoot at home as often as possible - it relaxes your feet.

Learning to walk in high heels: the heels are based on the figure

  • Curvy women: Choose high heels that refine your silhouette. Nice side effect of high heels: Frequent wearing of heels will give your leg muscles a nice shape. Sexy legs without exercise - what more could you want?

  • Small women: Do you want to look bigger? Then high heels should definitely be part of your outfits. Pointed pumps with thin heels are perfect for petite women, because their shape also elongates the legs. The more comfortable variant of stilettos and pumps: wedge sandals.

  • Tall women: High shoes just look chic and can instantly upgrade the outfit. That's why tall women should wear high heels whenever they feel like it. Don't let "smaller" men who have ego problems stop you from attracting what you like.

    A little tip for everyone who wants to make their feet look smaller: Choose shoes with a round toe or models in which the toe is in a contrasting color. That makes the feet look more delicate.

Walking on high heels: 3 tips for aching feet

1. Well-groomed feet with healthy skin hurt less
Chapped and cracked skin causes sore feet in high heels. Those who tend to have blisters on their feet should regularly care for their skin with special foot creams and gels. If you are facing a long day on high heels, you should still pack blister plasters with gel pads (available here at Amazon) in your bag as a precaution.

2. Quality makes the difference
You have probably already guessed it - with cheap high heels, aching feet are usually inevitable. The reason: With inexpensive shoes, the look plays the main role. On the other hand, savings are made on the processing and quality of the footbed. For the sake of your aching feet, invest in a Pair of high quality high heels than cheap in five pairs. You will enjoy them longer.

3. Take a change of shoes with you
If you walk through the streets of Manhattan you will see almost only women in ballerinas or sneakers. Don't New York women wear high heels? And whether! But only when they really have to, for example at work or in the club in the evening. Otherwise, comfortable "running shoes" are the order of the day and high heels are waiting in your handbag to be used.

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