How can I keep masturbating after ejaculating?

Masturbation in men

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Sexual pleasure awakens with the onset of puberty. Many young people then discover masturbation. Men enjoy gently caressing the erogenous zones through to direct stimulation of the penis and testicles. Read here how masturbation works for men and find out how and how often men can masturbate.

Masturbation in men: how often to masturbate?

There are still many uncertainties about masturbation to this day. For example, men often ask themselves, “How often do men masturbate on average?” And “How often should you self-gratify?” These uncertainties certainly result from the times when masturbating was considered sinful and sickening. For centuries, medicine and science assumed that masturbation triggered health disorders such as impotence, blindness or bone loss.

However, these assumptions belong in the realm of myths and legends - today it is clear that masturbation is in no way harmful to health. On the contrary - if you create sexual pleasure yourself, you release new energies and can experience sex with your partner in a more fulfilling way. In this respect, masturbating has its advantages. There are no known disadvantages.

Masturbation: Man can, as often as he wants

That's why there are no restrictions - you can gratify yourself as often as you want. Some men masturbate up to ten times a day, others not at all. The need to satisfy oneself varies from person to person and also depends on factors such as age, mood, illnesses and the individual life situation.

Masturbation: Man and Age

Although the body changes with age, that does not mean that older people no longer feel sexual pleasure. On the contrary - experience reports show that people over the age of 80 also want to feel and experience their sexuality. In this respect, there is no age limit for masturbation - as long as you feel pleasure, you should live it out. Because the self-confident, loving treatment of one's own body associated with masturbation can help older people to maintain their autonomy. Therefore: masturbation - you can't be too old for it.

Better masturbate

Satisfying yourself with relish is a very individual matter. Because everyone reacts differently to sexual stimuli and has very personal fantasies and preferences. In this respect, there is no general recipe for success for masturbating. Whatever you like is allowed, let your imagination run wild with masturbation.

Erogenous zones in men

Man or young person - no matter how old you are and what kind of experience you have - explore your body and its reactions to different touches. You can start with gently caressing erogenous zones such as the chest, inner thighs, buttocks and scrotum - the perineum and anal region are also sensitive areas. If your penis is erect, you can increase the arousal by rubbing and pushing it from top to bottom towards the root. Most of the time, you will experience an orgasm after a while, which is usually associated with ejaculation.

Masturbation in men: tools

For some men it is enough if they masturbate themselves by hand; others need a masturbation device. Many people use some lubricant in the classic way. But many men also enjoy sex toys. These include, for example, penis rings or vibrators. Try what you like.

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