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Launch AMD STAGE - Best Graduates of the AMD Akademie Mode & Design present their final projects on the digital stage

Platform launch in pandemic times: AMD STAGE (www.amdstage.de) has been live since March 29, 2021! On a digital stage, the three Best Graduates from all courses at the AMD locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich present their theses and inspirations under the slogan “Introducing the creative minds, rule breakers and change makers”. The criteria for the nomination for STAGE were the innovation as well as the conceptual and visual quality of the student work.

Image: Paul Kadjo

“The STAGE is yours”: the digital platform www.amdstage.de went live on March 29th, 2021, 12 noon. With STAGE, AMD, the design department at the Hochschule Fresenius, offers students the opportunity to share their work in the fields of fashion, media, management and design worldwide. All courses of study at the four AMD locations are combined on this innovative and curated platform. "In difficult times there are also opportunities," says Prof. Dr. Claudia Ebert-Hesse, Dean of Studies for Fashion Design (B.A.). “We would like to support the graduates in sharpening their profile and establishing contacts with the creative industries. STAGE is not just a stage. It is our wish to develop STAGE into a future network and forum for exchange. ”For this purpose, a new, visually very strong website was created with the focus on video content.

Image: Lola Tappe

As diverse as the degree programs are, the profiles of the around 50 graduates from Fashion Design (BA), Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (MA), Fashion Journalism / Media Communication, Fashion and Design Management (BA), Design and Innovation Management (BA) are just as multifaceted ), Fashion and Product Management (MA), Spatial Concept and Design (BA) and Brand and Communication Design (BA). Cultural, social, political and numerous sustainable concepts are interpreted individually and presented in the form of lookbooks, editorials and scientific statements. Topics such as sustainable fashion, disruptive technologies, spatial staging and social, cultural identities come into focus. "Visitors to AMD STAGE experience zeitgeist, innovation and creative power in equal measure," said Claudia Ebert-Hesse.

Image: Anna Fröse

The highlight on the day of the launch was the announcement of the award winners from 7 p.m. In each course, one of the best graduates was selected by a renowned international jury as the award winner in the categories of fashion, sustainability, editorial, management, product management, design, spatial design and innovation. A total of 15 jurors voted for their favorites and thus actively contributed to the promotion of young talent - including designer Serhat Isik, Zowie Broach, Head of Program Royal College of Art, Lavinia Muth, Head of Corporate Sustainability Armedangels, glamor editor Georg Wittmann and Florian Frey, director Marketing and communication at Mercedes-Benz PKW.

An expansion of the AMD STAGE platform is planned for the future. To this end, further courses of study are to be added step by step to the STAGE portfolio and Wiesbaden is to be integrated as the fifth AMD location with Best Graduates.