How do you pronounce Manuel Neuer

Right-wing nationalist singing"Neuer should correct that"

Manuel Neuer has not yet commented on his vocal performance during his vacation in Croatia. Frank Steffel, chairman of the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag's sports committee, criticized the hesitant attitude of the German national goalkeeper in an interview with Deutschlandfunk: "He should get that right quickly. Then he made a mistake and you should let it go."

"Newer is not so stupid"

A video surfaced in which Manuel Neuer sings a controversial but quite popular song in Croatia by a right-wing nationalist Croatian band with relatively certain text. It is about the dream of a "Greater Croatia". The music group, especially the singer, regularly makes positive references to Croatian fascism. Did Manuel Neuer know what he was singing and by whom?

For Steffel it was a failed appearance, Neuer does not carry any radical right-wing ideas, the CDU politician defends the national goalkeeper. "Manuel Neuer is not so stupid that he sings such a song if he knew the text - and didn't know what the public reaction is. So I suspect that he can bawl in Croatian and repeat lines in a celebratory mood. But that he doesn't speak Croatian in such a way that he knew the background. And I'll say again: I think Manuel Neuer should correct that quickly. You can expect that from him, you have to expect him. "

Dassler (FDP): "We are all just human"

Britta Dassler, chairwoman of the FDP in the sports committee, also protects Manuel Neuer. Compared to our program, she said: His behavior was crap, but you shouldn't judge a person because of a mistake, according to Dassler.

"We are all just human. And we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. And at that moment Manuel Neuer revealed a weakness. But that is also human. And you have to tell him: 'Take care of boy: Not good - apologize and then that's it. '"You don't think he knew what he was singing, Dassler continues.

Neuer was confident in the text in a familiar environment

Observers see it differently, as Manuel Neuer sings along with the lines of the song in Croatian in a familiar environment. In addition, his best man and goalkeeping coach from FC Bayern should have been there - he has family roots in Croatia.

Özil and Neuer - two standards?

In the social media, however, there is criticism that Manuel Neuer is hardly outraged compared to the former national player Mezut Özil. It is measured with double standards, it is said. Özil was criticized for sharing photos with Turkish President Erdogan, but also for not singing the German national anthem.

Özil and Neuer - these are different allegations, says Frank Steffel from the CDU. "Whether someone is very consciously and planned politically and campaigns for the Turkish president and his election, then also makes it clear that he, as a German national player, believes that this is his head of state. That is a different process than when you are in a celebratory mood - obviously unsuccessful - sings along with a song whose content I still believe Manuel Neuer didn't even know in detail. "

So far there has been no comment from Neuer or the German Football Association, and a request to FC Bayern has so far remained unanswered.