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Dream interpretation fish

The fish is not only to be found on the menus as a popular food. In many legends, stories, myths and religions the vertebrate appears in important roles that can sometimes be threatening. It can suddenly emerge from great depths and devour everything.

There are many different types of fish: common food fish such as trout, carp, sturgeon, perch, pike, herring, mackerel or salmon, but also strange-looking animals such as the anglerfish, eel, swordfish or the bearded dragonfish from the dark deep sea. The seahorse is also a fish. Even a sign of the zodiac bears the name "Pisces".

In some food cultures, it is hard to imagine life without fish as a source of food. In Asian countries in particular, fish is freshly prepared every day, and so it is not only the Japanese who love their sushi made from raw fish, rice, vegetables, tofu and eggs. In Europe and on other continents, sushi has long since arrived as a delicacy. The tuna on Italian pizza or the sour "rollmops" (herring) from the glass are also very popular.

Now, if a fish appears in a dream, it is advisable to study the interpretation of this picture in more detail. Because as a dream symbol, a fish is ambiguous and meaningful.

There are numerous dream situations in which a fish can play a role. We will describe some of these in the following sections so that you can better understand and interpret your dreams about fish.

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Dream symbol "fish" - the most common dreams about the symbol

See a fish and what the dream means

Anyone who sees a fish in a dream can be happy, because this dream image stands for a positive new beginning in life. Maybe the dreaming has just suffered a difficult phase of life. He can now leave this behind and start a new phase of life full of hope. Incidentally, if the sleeper recognizes not just a single fish, but a whole school of fish, his happiness is even multiplied: In several areas of life everything is now going as desired.

Catch fish with a net or fishing rod. A dream analysis

Caught fish! The dreamed of catching a fish with a fishing net

You are in luck if you have dreamed of a fishing net or a fish trap. Because the net stands for a happy, profitable time. If the dreamer recognizes a fish in it, then in the waking world he may have to deal with a rival or envious person: the one who casts the fishing net in a dream and catches a fish with it tries to outdo the other person or to harm him. In this case one should consider whether this approach is correct.

Fish fish with a lot of patience - even in dreams ...

A dream about fishing for fish indicates the pursuit of success, as well as a good inner balance in the waking world. The dream situation of fishing can also ask the dreamer to be more patient in life. In particular, when the dreaming sees large edible fish fidget on the fish hook, this dream experience shows success in reality. Angling a lot of fish signals success through ambitious diligence.

enjoy the meal! Everything about the dreamed fish meal

A dream fish is boiled and prepared

If the dreaming dreams of cooking and preparing a fish in the dream world, it may be that he or she actually felt a feeling of hunger before going to bed. Mostly this dream symbol is interpreted as a symbol for new challenges in the professional or private area. These will probably give the dreaming person new knowledge and a spiritual advancement. The imminent visit of friends can also be announced through the dream of cooking fish.

If the dreamer does not like fish at all, but still dreams of cutting and gutting it, he may face disappointments in the waking life. Maybe he has to do tasks that he doesn't enjoy.

There is still soup: the fish soup as a dream dish

Preparing and eating a fish's head is a symbol of luck. Especially the dreamed soup that is prepared from the boiled head of a fish is a positive sign: an event or a matter turns for the better, provided that the fish soup was tasty. However, if disgust overcomes the dreamer while sipping, he will have to cope with a problem on his own which he has caused himself.

Frying a fish in a dream

The dream of frying a fish in a frying pan signals to the dreaming person that they may soon receive an invitation to a big celebration. The dreamer probably did not expect that. Nevertheless, she should accept the invitation, because maybe she will make many new acquaintances at the party. A fried fish in a pan, according to the general interpretation of dreams, also represents prosperity and success in business.

Dreaming of grilling a fish

Dreaming about grilling a fish is usually an auspicious dream symbol. The dreaming person can then probably adjust to success in the professional and private area. In addition, she is probably in equilibrium. From the point of view of psychological dream interpretation, grilling a fish also stands for suppressed sexual desires, which are mainly symbolized by the fire of the grill.

A real treat! Eating a fish or fish fingers in a dream

If the dream is about eating a whole fish or delicious fish fingers, the dreaming person can assume that he will probably not suffer any diseases in the near future. After all, fish is considered a particularly healthy food.

If women dream of eating a fish, this is also an indication of an unproblematic birth, while men can hope for happiness in love with this dream image. If a rollmops is eaten in a dream, one wishes to implement something long-planned.

Dream interpretation "bad fish": Bah, what a stench!

If the dreaming sees or "smells" a bad fish in his sleep experience, it is important to pay more attention to health in the awake life. The dream symbol "bad fish" often stands for the process of accelerated aging. The person concerned may not pay enough attention to his body, and this is expressed in the dreamed stench or the sight of rotten fish.

If the spoiled fish is offered by another person in a dream, then important decisions should be avoided in the near future. The affairs may turn out to be rotten afterwards. If the dream shows itself in the form of stranded, dead fish, it could be that the sleeper's wishes and plans will not come true.

Components of fish in a dream

Dream of fish scales

Fish scales are one of the central components of a fish. In a dream they represent great financial gains, which may soon turn out to be. The dreaming person can count on the fact that their business will probably go well in the future too, if they sees this dream symbol.

Do not swallow! The dream of the fish bones

The dream of the herringbone refers the dreaming person to past experiences and events which continue to have an effect in the subconscious and with which the dreamer is still grappling. These can be memories of the ex-partner, but also memories from childhood. Having a confidential conversation with a good friend can help process these things for good.

Caviar? Seeing fish eggs in a dream

If a dream of fish-eggs is a sign of the imminent beginning of a new phase of life. This will be characterized by great creativity for the dreaming person, which they can then fully live out. If the dreamer lives in a happy relationship, there is also the possibility that there will be offspring.

Places where there are fish in a dream

A fish lies in a dream on the dry land

A dream experience in which fish lie in the dry or on land should be cause for concern for the dreaming. There may be a major conflict ahead or a financial thirst because business is not going well. Fish lying on the ground also indicate that the dreaming person may soon find himself in a strange environment to which he must first get used to.

The fish in the water: a good dream!

When a fish is in the water, it is in its natural habitat. Therefore the dream symbol "fish in water" also stands for happiness, health and well-being of the dreaming person. If the fish swim in the clear water, the dreaming can hope to get to know famous and influential personalities soon. These could possibly still be very useful for the occupational advancement of the sleeper.

Dream of fish in the sea

The wide sea has always been a place of longing for people and expresses their deep need for freedom, independence and limitlessness. In the dream world, too, a fish swimming in the sea represents the dreamer's desire to break out of everyday life. He longs to broaden his horizons and make new discoveries. The dreaming person remains calm and balanced like a fish in the great ocean.

Dream fish in the river

If fish swim in the river or stream during the dream, the condition of the water is important for the exact dream interpretation. If the fish glides along in a calm river course, the dreaming person can assume that their life will be relatively pleasant and problem-free in the near future. But if it is a dangerous, raging stream in which the fish swims, the dreaming may have to adjust to obstacles in the waking life.

A fish splashes about in the lake in a dream experience

Fish in the lake or pond stand in dream research for a balanced personality and the inner balance of the dreaming.In any case, this applies when they swim in the clear water of the lake. If, on the other hand, the water in the pond is dirty or cloudy, problems in the relationship life could be waiting for the dreamer. He should also be careful not to pass off other people's ideas and concepts as his own.

Fish fall from the sky - a scary dream ...

If the dreaming person sees fish in the sky, this can initially be a very strange dream experience. The dream symbol draws the dreamer's attention to hidden, subconscious sides of her personality. The sleeper should pay more attention to these character traits in the waking life, because they could open up new opportunities of which she had no idea before.

If a fish swims in the air or falls down from the sky, the dreamer may face conflicts at work because colleagues may want to harm him. These fish also indicate to the dreaming person to be especially careful in the evening hours. Then there could be dangers. If one dreams that it is literally raining fish from the sky, the dreamer is obviously a very emotionally inclined person. This strong emotionality can also be useful in some situations, however the dreaming person should take care not to neglect their mind.

Dream of seeing a fish in the aquarium or in the glass

If one dreams of the fish in the aquarium or in a glass vessel, the exact dream interpretation depends on the condition of the fish. Big fish or goldfish represent success in the financial field. Perhaps the dreaming can also fulfill a long cherished wish. Small or dead fish in the aquarium, on the other hand, herald possible losses, for which the dreamer should be prepared.

If the fish jumps out of the aquarium, a setback for the dreaming is indicated. A loss of reputation is possible, either through private or professional events. If the dream fish suffocates outside the aquarium, symbolically the high hopes that the person concerned has made also die. It is then important to set new goals and remain optimistic. Those who assess their own abilities and possibilities more realistically in the future will seldom have to accept failures.

More dreams about the dream symbol "fish"

Selling and haggling: on the dreamed fish market

The fish market with its market stalls is a place of trade even in dreams. For the dream interpretation it is crucial that the dreamer deals with his self-image when he dreams of the fish market. He may also think about his buying behavior and decide to live a little more frugally in the future.

Dream of being a fish yourself

"Help, I'm a fish!" - You might say that when you dream of being a fish yourself, maybe a long eel, a tuna or a ray. This dream symbol tells the dreaming person that they are occupied with subconscious parts of their personality, which they suppress in the waking life or do not perceive at all. In the dream these traits can be experienced and also visible through the transformation into a fish.

Give birth to a fish - after all, anything is possible in a dream

To be pregnant with a fish is a very strange dream experience. It shows the dreaming person that they deal with their personality in the subconscious. In addition, she is probably struggling to find her inner balance. If a fish is born in the dream, this can also symbolize a successful new beginning in the life of the dreaming.

Dream symbol "fish" - the general interpretation

The fish is traditionally a symbol of hope and the turn for the better. Depending on how the dream symbol shows, there are other interpretations:

If the fish swims in the clear water, it is a sign that the dreaming gets good connections with rich and influential people. The swimming fish is usually a sign of luck and in general healthwhile small fish are more likely to worry or illness can stand.

Big Pisces mean a positive turn, and Golden Pisces fulfill hopes. A bad fish, on the other hand, symbolizes, among other things, weak liveliness.

A flying fish warns of false colleagues and dangers that may lurk in the evening. If you save a fish, for example because it threatens to suffocate on land, then this dream experience symbolizes holding on to hope and to optimism. Even in difficult times the dreaming keeps himself brave.

Often the dreaming also catches fish. If there are many, then he will get rich through his work, and if it is a single, large fish, then he symbolizes good business. However, if he catches a small fish, it means sorrow and if it is also a catfish, enemies will get him into trouble from which only his intellect and luck can save him. If one wants to catch fish with a harpoon in a dream, one should possibly prepare for lean times.

If the dreaming sees fish in a strange fisherman's net or as a display in a fish shop, then difficulties announce themselves. A cold, slippery fish warns of hypocrisy and the purchase of a fish should be in advance Scam to warn.

If it is animals that catch fish, the species in question should also be interpreted. The fish-eating pelican, for example, indicates the dreamer's hope that family life will improve and, as a whole, make it more harmonious in the future.

If the dreaming eats a fish, then this means health or an easy birth for women, while men will have luck with women. Seeing herringbones in a dream means that one is still unconsciously preoccupied with past events - although one believes that the affairs have already been ticked off. As a dream, fish dumplings often illustrate a good living in the real world.

If dead fish appear in a dream in an aquarium, they symbolize the loss of influence and wealth and if the dreaming is devoured by a fish, then this is a hint for the mental problems and the helplessness he experiences in waking life.

Dream symbol "fish" - the psychological interpretation

The psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung interprets the dream symbol fish as a symbol for the self, so from consciousness and subconscious. If someone dreams of a fish in the pond or in the sea, it will be shown to him that he has access to the unconscious. Just as the fish can suddenly emerge from great depths, other things can also come to the surface from the unconscious.

A fish in the dream therefore always represents the emotional aspects of the dreaming, who acts rather feeling-controlled. This can also be an indication of the Driving forces of the dreaming, which he suppresses too strongly. If you dream that you are a fish yourself, for example a trout or an anglerfish, then Carl Gustav Jung interprets this as a possibility of rejuvenation and renewal of the dreaming in the source of life.

Dream symbol "fish" - the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, fish are a symbol of water as well as water Life and also the fertility. They symbolize spiritual power when they appear as a dream symbol and are in the water.