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  • I have had suits made to measure for me several times, here in Berlin, but because of the Covid I decided to order a made-to-measure suit online. I am more than satisfied with the result. Beautiful fabric, sewn very well and the suit fits wonderfully. I will soon be ordering more tailor-made suits from you.

    • APR 2021 - Horst-Dieter Ullrich
    • Berlin
  • Custom-made wedding suit online: Hello and thank you for the great wedding suit! We are really very happy with the result. I would also like to thank Mr. Stettler again for the great customer service.

    • MAR 2021 - Mathias Taubert
    • Munich
  • Top made-to-measure suits men: Hopefully I will be able to visit the customers again soon, so I have ordered 2 new made-to-measure suits from you, which really fit very well. The fabrics are also very comfortable to wear, thank you very much

    • FEB 2021 - Benjamin Pell
    • Potsdam
  • Very good made-to-measure suit online: The measurement was a bit difficult and luckily Mr. Stettler checked the dimensions carefully, but it would be worth it. The suit turned out really great and fits very well.

    • JAN 2021 - Ewald Bauer
    • Hamburg
  • Great winter coat that really fits perfectly. The workmanship and the fabric are also great, thank you very much.

    • OCT 2020 - Daniel Trenn
    • Bonn
  • There it is, the SUPERHOSE! Exactly as requested, thank you very much! Please send me the fabric sample card of the winter fabrics again, then I will order 2-3 new pants.

    • SEP 2020 - Andreas Werner
    • Munich
  • Thank you for the suit. It fits perfectly and I am very satisfied. Is it possible to subsequently create a vest and a pocket square with one of your fabric samples?

    • AUG 2020 - Kevin Ly
    • Gelsenkirchen
  • Many thanks to Mr. Stettler for his great commitment to our "suit problem". He pulled out all the stops to have a beautiful suit made and delivered in the shortest possible time. The suit fits very well, the material is great - everything is good!

    • AUG 2020 - Klaus Graumann
    • Reimlingen
  • I received the pants suit. Thanks in advance. The jacket fits very well. The trousers are a little too short, but I will be happy to have them adjusted free of charge as you have offered, thank you very much !.

    • AUG 2020 - Isabell Huber
    • Berlin
  • The first tailor-made suit
    You can see that the suit is tailor-made, great workmanship and it finally fits, which was previously not the case with off-the-peg trouser suits.

    • MAY 2020 - Priscilla Baumgartner
    • Luneburg
  • Made-to-measure business suit - better than anything else
    I have already ordered made-to-measure suits from the competition, but unfortunately they have never really fitted so far. They were better than the off-the-peg suit, but just not great. The online presence and the suit configurator are better with the other providers than with you, but your suit fits me perfectly and that's what matters to me. I will order again soon, thank you very much!

    • APRIL 2020 - Uwe Schmidt
    • Gelsenkirchen
  • I can only recommend bespoke suits online
    I received my first suit from you this week and I am very pleased. The suit is really beautifully sewn and fits well. It's wonderful that I can now order tailor-made suits online so easily.

    • APRIL 2020 - Holger Thannisch
    • Cologne
  • Surprisingly good
    This was my first order, so I approached it with caution. At first I only ordered one pair of pants. I have received this after 4 weeks and I am very satisfied with it. The quality is as described, the fit is very good. Highly recommended.

    • MARCH 2020 - Jens Geiger
    • Erfurt
  • Great service
    Great service, great advice, high-quality made-to-measure suit, all good! Always happy

    • MARCH 2020 - Rainer Schwarz
    • Offenbach
  • Buy made-to-measure suit online
    I ordered a tailor-made suit and I took the measurements myself, following the instructions. Shortly after ordering, I received an email from Mr. Stettler that I should check the trouser length again, as it was probably a bit short. The final measurement actually showed that it should be 2 cm longer. 4 weeks later I received the suit and I have to say it fits perfectly. I would like to give you a clear recommendation.

    • FEB 2020 - Markus Kahl
    • Hagen
  • Tailor-made suit for men, simply great
    Put together a light suit, quick delivery, very good quality and fits perfectly. Simple, quick, great value for money and great quality.

    • FEB 2020 - Eike Saage
    • Dresden
  • The made-to-measure shirt is awesome!
    Fits great, quality also first class, recommended!

    • JAN 2020 - Gerhard Cohrs
    • Lübeck
  • Tailor-made suit - great!
    The difference between my new made-to-measure suit and the previous off-the-shelf suit is like day and night. Perfect fit, very valuable fabric, beautifully sewn. I will only order tailor-made suits from you.

    • JAN 2020 - Hans-Friedrich Deckert
    • Berlin
  • Tailor-made suit only from here!
    I've been buying my clothes for some time now - made-to-measure suits and shirts at massanzug-online. Absolutely perfect fit, exactly to my dimensions. The first time the pants didn't quite fit (I guess I measured the length a little too short). Within only 2 hours I received an email with an address in Germany where I can send the pants to have this changed free of charge. After about a week I received the changed pants back, in exactly the right length.

    • DEC 2019 - Horst-Dieter Werner
    • Wiesbaden
  • Very good customer service and top price-performance ratio
    I can only recommend massanzug-online. Just a few hours after ordering, customer service wrote to me and pointed out that the thigh circumference and the jacket length were probably a little too short. Indeed it was and my measurements were corrected. After 4 weeks I got my very nice and well-fitting made-to-measure suit. Thank you very much for this excellent service.

    • DEC 2019 - Martin Wenzel
    • Berlin
  • Made-to-measure pantsuit
    Since I've always had problems finding the right clothes, especially trouser suits, I took the risk and ordered a made-to-measure trouser suit from massanzug-online. The result is really great, cut just right, great fit. I also like the fabric very much. Many Thanks

    • NOV 2019 - Wiebke Siegert
    • Tamm
  • I've always wanted a red suit and I couldn't find one in stores. Fortunately, I came across your offer for a tailor-made suit. The suit has turned out beautifully and pairs well. If I have such a crazy idea again, I'll get back to you :-)

    • NOV 2019 - Sven Mohr
    • Schwerin
  • I ordered my bespoke suit around 3 weeks ago and received it today. The jacket fits perfectly, the pants off, except for the length. The pants are about 2 cm too short. According to your offer, I will send you the trousers to be changed, thank you very much.

    • NOV 2019 - Björn Groß
    • Bamberg
  • My first made-to-measure suit and I have to say that the extra few euros are really worth it. Off-the-peg suits will have a hard time from now on. Thank you for the great suit.

    • OCT 2019 - Konrad Jorns
    • Offenbach
  • You can see immediately that the suit is tailor-made, great fit and great workmanship! I am thrilled and will order again soon.

    • OCT 2019 - Markus Wenzel
    • Hagen
  • Thank you for the timely delivery. The trouser suit as well as the blouse are really nice and fit.

    • SEP 2019 - Claudia Achenbach
    • Karlsruhe
  • Good fabrics, very good workmanship and a great fit, I am very satisfied, thank you very much!

    • SEP 2019 - Frank Wiedow
    • Schongau
  • I received my order this week and the suit is to my complete satisfaction. I will order from you again and would be happy to recommend your company to others.

    • SEP 2019 - Karin Tanskanen
    • Stuttgart
  • I have to say, at the beginning I was a bit skeptical whether this would really work out with the order as you write it on your homepage. I received the made-to-measure suit after around 4 weeks and it fits really well. The quality is very good. Unfortunately the trousers are a bit too short (approx. 2 cm), but this is not so bad as you can change this according to your email in Germany. Please take this into account when placing your next order. Many Thanks

    • AUG 2019 - Jan Philipp Spöttel
    • Muenster
  • It's great that you checked the dimensions, the made-to-measure suit fits really well! Please keep the bulk.

    • AUG 2019 - Martin Engelmann
    • Glienicke
  • I received the shirt yesterday. Three weeks to delivery is good. The shirt fits perfectly and all of my wishes have been met. Price / performance is ok for me too. I can recommend it

    • AUG 2019 - Leon Düsing
    • Blankenburg (Harz)
  • I have now received my 3rd suit from you and, as always, I am very satisfied. Very good fit and nice fabrics.

    • AUG 2019 - Jonas Wahl
    • Ingolstadt
  • Delivery was on time and the made-to-measure suit had a really good fit. . . will order again in a moment

    • JUL 2019 - Jonas Hasselbach
    • Altdorf
  • Highly recommended, great made-to-measure suits
    Massanzug-online.de was recommended to me by a friend and since I urgently needed new suits, I took the risk and ordered 3 made-to-measure suits. Tailor-made suits: Excellent fabric quality, very good fit and beautiful workmanship. Price-performance ratio is great!

    • JUN 2019 - Stephan Herrlich
    • gain
  • This is how to do it right - tailor-made suit
    In terms of price, Massanzug-online.de is a bit above the local competition, the delivery time is also a bit longer, but it's worth it. Very good customer service that has challenged some of my bulk.In fact, the first time I measured the dimensions incorrectly. They have a good idea of ​​the masses and body shapes, and I am very impressed. After about 5 weeks, the package was delivered by DHL, without additional customs fees, etc. The made-to-measure suit sits bumbastic and is very well sewn. The fabric is also great! This is my first bespoke suit, but definitely not the last, even if it costs a few euros more.

    • JUN 2019 - Herbert Kaps
    • Potsdam
  • Very good made-to-measure work, totally satisfied with the made-to-measure suit and service
    Rating refers to men's tailored suit ordered online at the beginning of May: Very good fabric quality, processing of the tailor-made suit superb! The jacket also fits very, very well, only the pants were a bit too short. However, I was able to send the pants to the company's alteration tailor in Germany. The site is good and the suit configurator does its job (better than the competition). The customer service is very competent and friendly. The delivery times are a bit long at 5 weeks, but the wait is worth it.

    • JUN 2019 - Frank Heinig
    • Kiel