Insomnia can go away on its own

Delicious nightcap with almonds

The vanilla-almond milk is extraordinarily delicious. The drink is only called milk because it looks like real milk, but in reality it does not contain any animal milk. Vanilla-almond milk is prepared as follows:

Mix a tea to a tablespoon of almond butter (or a small handful of almonds) with a few pitted dates and warm (or cold) water in a blender. After a few minutes, add a generous pinch of real organic vanilla - and sip the delicious result. If you like, you can add a little cinnamon, because this spice also has a reputation for soothing nerves.

Insomnia due to disturbed melatonin balance

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle, but also protects the cells in the brain from oxidative stress and is involved in the regulation of gastric acid production. When the melatonin balance is disturbed, sleep disorders and insomnia occur.

Usually melatonin levels rise in the evening to make us tired. In the morning it decreases again, while at the same time the cortisol level rises, which makes us awake. We explain in a separate article how you can naturally increase your melatonin level in the evening. You can take melatonin directly, but there are also other measures (certain behaviors) that then lead to a natural regulation of the melatonin level. You can find our detailed melatonin article in the previous link.

Counter insomnia with sleep-inducing medicinal plants

Medicinal plants are a wonderful way to ensure healthy sleep. You relax noticeably - without any negative side effects - and put us in a calm, basic state, so that meditation or the aforementioned visualization are much easier to implement and work significantly faster.

Relaxing evening tea

A calming tea made from passion flower, catnip and chamomile relaxes body and mind. The passion flower is a sedative that is used for anxiety, worry and an overactive brain. Catnip gently leads to relaxation and the chamomile has an overall calming effect and relieves physical tension. If you have a sunflower allergy, replace the chamomile with hop blossoms.

Homemade valerian tincture

Valerian is probably the most famous sleep-promoting medicinal plant. You can buy dragees and drops from them, but a homemade tincture made from valerian root is particularly effective. You can buy the root in the pharmacy. Cut them into the smallest possible pieces, place them in a dark, sealable glass and pour high-percentage alcohol over them (at least 40 percent). Put the jar in a dark place and shake it once or twice a day. After at least five days you can pour off the liquid and fill it again in an amber glass bottle. Take ½ to 1 teaspoon of this one hour before going to bed (several times a day if necessary).

Kava kava

If you also suffer from unbearable nervousness or even anxiety during the day, try kava kava (also called intoxicating pepper). In Germany, however, you will only receive homeopathic formulations from it. Kava-Kava is a wonderful anti-anxiety plant that may have been banned because it was on the verge of replacing psychotropic drugs with many side effects.

Herbal pillow

What contributes to a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom and by the way sets the mind and body in harmonic oscillation are spicy or flowery-scented herbal pillows. It is aromatherapy at its finest. Their effect is in no way based - as is often believed - on a placebo effect, but on a link between the olfactory center and the limbic system in the brain, so that aromatherapy is now one of the recognized forms of therapy.

Make your own herbal pillows

Herbal pillows are filled with soothing herbs, blossoms, seeds and roots, such as lavender, mugwort, hop blossoms, dill seeds, pieces of valerian root, marjoram, lemon balm and passion flowers. Add rose and orange blossoms and you will feel like you are in paradise.

A simple pillow can also be made by yourself:

To do this, fill a pouch with a drawstring, about 7.5 cm to 12.5 cm in size, with the herbs of your choice and close the bag. If you like sewing, fold a 12.5 cm by 30 cm piece of fabric and sew it shut on two sides. Wash it off with an unscented detergent or fabric softener. Fill it with cotton or fiber, the size of a cotton ball, add herbs and sew up the open side of the pillow as well. The essential oils of the plants promote sleep in a pleasant way.

Special herb combinations for herb pillows

  1. To reduce stress: Mix half a cup of hop blossoms with half a cup of mugwort and an eighth cup of sweet marjoram.
  2. For a good night's sleep: Mix a quarter cup of lavender flowers with a quarter cup of mugwort and a quarter cup of hops.
  3. Against nightmares: Mix a quarter cup of rose petals with a quarter cup of rosemary, a quarter cup of lavender and a quarter cup of hops. You can add rose or orange blossoms according to your wishes.

We wish you a healthy, relaxing and deep night's sleep.

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