What is a word for start small?


small: Small people and circumstances

Small means "of small size / small size". Is related to living beings small in size a neutral expression while daintily has positive connotations. Tiny means particularly small. Colloquially one uses expressions like snappy, tiny or get short;lütt is used in the Low German language area. Can also apply to living beings small also young in the sense of childlike,growing up or immature be called. There are also slang idioms for this green / not dry behind the ears. The saying from an early age means "from childhood" accordingly. Finally can small also mean "insignificant, insignificant".
Under small people one understands members of lower social classes. From there comes who from small circumstances comes from a modest, close environment. There is the expression for the beginning of a career at the lowest level, with little money start small. The expression is used colloquially small but nice for "not very big, but of good quality" and small but powerful for "of small stature, but very efficient / clever". The twist is joking get very small (and ugly) meant, which means "meek / embarrassed"
Add small means "give in, give up resistance". The colloquial get down means "discourage, make docile". who not to be crushed is not discouraged despite difficult circumstances. Cut down you can make money by getting it changes, or even people by looking at them humiliates.
who makes himself small Either bends over or lowers one's abilities. The figure of speech have a little one sitting after all, "to be drunk" means.