Duck is considered a fowl

Lesson 6: poultry

Parts of the whole: cut up the poultry

Since most poultry species hardly differ anatomically, the parts suitable for grilling are also very similar:

Complete animal: A ready-to-cook chicken is certainly the most popular whole poultry on the grill. A whole chicken is usually grilled indirectly in order to cook it slowly so that the meat remains as juicy as possible. This works particularly well on a rotisserie with a backburner, but preparations such as the popular “Beer Can Chicken” are also good options for achieving the best possible result.

Breast: The breast, which consists of the larger outer fillet and the smaller inner fillet, is very popular due to its tenderness and low fat content. It can be prepared whole, but skewers with breast fillet also produce delicious grilling results. In addition, “chicken fingers” are a snack recommendation, for which only the inner chicken breast fillets are used. But watch out: Chicken in particular is cooked very quickly and then becomes dry very quickly due to the low fat content. If possible, aim for a core temperature of 65 to a maximum of 70 degrees Celsius.

Leg / thigh: The meat from the poultry legs is darker and more aromatic than the breast. Due to the bone and the texture of the meat, they require a significantly longer cooking time than the fillets. The shape of the lower part of the chicken leg is also known as the “drum stick”.

Wings: In terms of meat yield, the wings are hardly noticeable, but chicken wings, also known as chicken wings, are true classics on the grill because of their crispness.

Pfaffenschnittchen: The Pfaffenschnittchen is a very tasty, but unfortunately little-noticed part of poultry. The piece lies parallel at the level of the clubs, next to the spine. In the case of a chicken, it's only half the size of a thumb. In French it is called “Sot-l’y-laisse”, which literally means “a fool who leaves it behind”. Very fitting!