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ITG department of technical informatics

Fields of work

Operating systems form the interface between the hardware and the application software of a computing system. Its central tasks include the abstraction of hardware implementation details, the management of operating resources and the provision of structural resources for the logical division and composition of the application software. In addition, operating systems also have a decisive influence on non-functional properties of the overall system, for example cost and energy efficiency, timeliness, security, reliability or maintainability.

The working fields of the technical committee thus cover a broad spectrum of current research topics; from system software for multi-core and multi-core systems to the co-design of embedded systems with limited resources and high real-time requirements to networking in globally distributed high-performance computers. Following the central role of the operating system, this complex of topics also extends to relevant aspects of the respective fields of application. Examples of this are current topics such as autonomous driving, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or cloud computing.

Goal setting

The technical committee sees itself as a forum for the exchange of ideas between researchers, developers and users of operating systems.

The meetings that take place every six months serve this purpose in particular. Here, participants from research and industry will discuss current developments, emerging issues and innovative approaches to different topics. The Operating Systems specialist committee maintains and promotes the exchange of ideas with related research and application fields and cooperates intensively with other specialist committees of the technical informatics department, for example in the organization of workshops and specialist conferences.

The lively discussion is supplemented by “Summer Schools” and “Winter Schools” as well as the exchange of doctoral students to promote young academics. In addition, the technical committee annually awards prizes to outstanding theses and dissertations.

A special concern of the technical committee is the intensive dialogue between research and industry as well as maintaining close contacts with the user groups in Germany.

Further information can be found on the website of the Operating Systems Section [https://www.betriebssysteme.org/]. If you have any questions, the spokesperson for the specialist group will be happy to help.