Why do militaers get discounts

Up to 29% discount for military and police authorities on Triple Action

Employees of the military and police authorities in Germany do an excellent job with regard to national defense and internal security. We at Triple Action reward this service with the Authority discount of 10% on all articles that are available on the shop page www.tripleaction.de. The authority discount applies to all active forces, as well as orders from the authorities themselves.


When and how is the official discount granted for active forces of the military and police authorities?
• A legible copy of the currently valid ID card is required.
• The copy of the ID card can be sent to us in the form of an email to [email protected], fax to +49 211 56666 495 or a letter.
• Please note that the official discount cannot be applied retrospectively to existing orders.

Data protection information on handling the government ID card
• The military or government employee is entered as a discount customer at Triple Action and the copy of the government ID card is deleted immediately.
• The 10% discount is automatically granted for future orders, but we reserve the right to have a copy of the official ID presented again after a waiting period of 2 years.
• Data on the official ID card that is irrelevant to us can generally be blacked out.

Active forces and authorities in non-European missions abroad save 29% on the purchase of tactical clothing and equipment thanks to the additional elimination of VAT.

Deliveries by field post to the non-European country of assignment are exempt from German VAT in addition to the 10% official discount. Please register here for an order with field post dispatch at: Field postRegistration

Authentication with your service ID and subsequent activation is no longer necessary for deliveries via field post!