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She knows about you: The German title of the Netflix series ruthlessly ruins all three big twists

The series She knows about you joined the Netflix program a few days ago. It has many twists and turns - but you will only be surprised if you manage to successfully displace the German title until the end.

The British thriller series You Know About You showed me how much again on Netflix newly invented German titles can break.

Everyone has probably groaned at some point about "imaginative" German renaming. But the fact that Behind Her Eyes became the title She knows of you in German is particularly annoying because here no consideration for twists becomes.

She knows about you spoiling all 3 twists on Netflix with the series title

In Netflix's She Knows About You, Louise (Simona Brown) works in the practice of newly arrived psychiatrist David (Tom Bateman). Although he is married to Adele (Eve Hewson), with whom Louise also befriends, an affair is looming - and abysses quickly open up. (Danger, follow from heremassive spoilers for the series.)

She knows about you: Adele, David, Louise

Over the course of the series You Know About You, unsuspecting Netflix viewers will now be using 3 big twists faced:

  • Twist 1: By the middle of the series at the latest, we realize that the series, which is actually anchored in reality, also has supernatural elements. Because Adele, her old psychiatric friend Rob and Louise are all to Astral projection able, so they can leave their bodies to travel alone with their soul.
  • Twist 2: After being held in abeyance for long stretches, whether the kind-hearted Louise of David or manipulated by Adele the wife turns out to be a real intriguer in the penultimate episode.
  • Twist 3: In the last episode we learn that it has not been Adele for years, but her former best gay friend Rob lives in Adele's body. He killed Adele to be with David (as her) and repeats that with the final body swap murder of Louise.

It is understandable that Netflix based itself on the name of the book (translated into German) She knows von dir * by Sarah Pinborough for the series title in order to increase the recognition value for readers. But already that Roman translation made this title mistake, which unfortunately is not corrected here becomes. Let's go through the twists that this ruined in order:

She knows about you - Twist 1: The Soul Journey

As spectators, we theoretically discover the element of out-of-body experience step by step. The visual clarification by flying colored streaks of light comes later.

But the "knowledge" (in the title you White from you) at the beginning I come across that here a woman knows more. In a series about an affair, it is obvious that the wife who has been betrayed is meant. Since she knows about things for which she is not present, I needlessly quickly come across the camera settings, which at first are still subtly floating above the events, and thus the supernatural.

She Knows About You - Twist 2: Who Is Pulling the Strips on the Netflix Series?

The original title is not "She knows about you", but Behind Her Eyes (translated: behind her eyes). In English, the Netflix series is much more subtle with the second twist. At Behind Her Eyes I can ask myself what is now slumbering behind the eyes of the woman (and which woman?) - Sorrowful victim or devious perpetrator?

She knows about you: Yes, you are meant, Adele

But you know about you This means that the German title clearly indicates the wife from the outset assigned active role: She knows ... and she acts accordingly. Instead of letting David and Adele prance themselves at their accusations, I'm warned about her from the start and by the too clear pointer taken against them.

She knows about you - Twist 3: The body swap

My anger with Netflix's series title finally culminates in the final big twist. Because the English title Behind Her Eyes finds its place here brilliant climax: "Behind their eyes" are actually the eyes of a man - Rob's.

She knows about you ... uh, he: Rob

At the moment of this twist, the German title is simply wrong. Because at this point I would have to you knows about you strictly speaking He know about you be renamed.

In the end, I still really liked the excitingly knitted Netflix series. I could have enjoyed it more, however, if less in the German title selection Surprises already revealed (or adulterated). Because yes, there are viewers like me who think a lot about the title of their new series.

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Did Netflix's series title She Knows About You influence you so much while watching the Twists?