How can I be a perfect friend

How to become the perfect girlfriend: 50 little ways to get there

Do you want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend? Unfortunately, it's easier said than done. Don't try to control him, just love him and let him be him.

We all want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend that everyone wants, right? We try to be so tough, casual, emotionless, fun, spontaneous and not sweat the little things, but for most of us this goes against our core.

Women are planners. Let's face it, we need to know where we are going so we know where we are. This leads us to ask an endless number of questions, not just of ourselves, but of the guys we go out with as well.

Guys hate questions. Yeah, I'll post it out there. If there's one thing that rocks a guy, wants to get out, or disappear, it's our endless number of exhibits in their life, friendships, and worlds. Just one of the annoying things that guys don't want to be the perfect girlfriend is to let them be and you are you.

How to be the perfect girlfriend - 50 things that can make a difference

Don't worry, you can be the perfect girlfriend. All you have to do is follow these 50 suggestions.

# 1 Hush. Try not to talk too much. Having empty space in conversation isn't a bad thing. In fact, it gives him a level of comfort. While watching the game, deep inside himself or just trying to relax, just try to keep quiet a little. Let him be calm.

# 2 No more chick movies. Save the girls movies for girls night. He may go with you, but you and I both know he doesn't enjoy them. Spend your time together doing things the two of you want that don't involve sappy movies.

# 3 Don't treat him like one of your girlfriends. He doesn't care that Lisa is a bitch or what she said about you. Save the girl for your girlfriends. Try to find something more meaningful to talk to about him or something he's interested in.

# 4 Don't be his mother. He knows when his behavior is inappropriate or good. You don't have to be his mom and say the obvious, he already has one. Sure, he loves her, but he definitely doesn't want to live with her anymore.

# 5 Don't mention the obvious. If he's messed up, don't be there to rub him. If something happened obviously, let it speak for itself. Even when you feel the need to be right, indulge in silence in the glory. There is no need to point out that you are right and that he is feeling silly.

# 6 Stop being so critical. You may think that you are giving him critical feedback if he hears it as critical. Stop analyzing him and what he's doing. Just let it be it without always changing it.

# 7 Give him some space. If he's having a bad day, let him have it. Don't ask all kinds of questions because you feel insecure. Let him sit and pout. He'll come back when he's over it and sulking.

# 8 Let him make his own decisions. If he makes a decision, stand behind it. Unless you have something to lose, just shut up and support his decision, especially if it has already been made.

# 9 Trust him. Show him that you think he's someone special that you trust him. Don't blame or always think the worst. Do you know what he does, he does it for love, because you know that he is a good person.

# 10 Send him nice messages. A quick message telling him how great he is and how much you love his day. Just make sure it is short and sweet.

# 11 Encourage him. Try to be the voice of encouragement in his life, not the naysayer. If he has a dream, encourage him to follow it. Let him know that if he never tries, he can't succeed, and even if it doesn't work, you won't think about him any less.

# 12 Don't talk about him to others. Women have problems with their friends. Be the woman everyone admires and be the best friend by always staying positive and being kind, both on their face and behind their back.

# 13 Don't give advice unless you ask. If he wants your opinion, he will surely ask for it.

# 14 Make him feel good. Tell him what you want and keep the things you don't have to yourself if possible.

# 15 Listen when he needs you. Don't assume you know what he wants. Listen to what he is telling you that he wants and then meet his needs.

# 16 Don't show your limits. If you have a tendency to be the devil's advocate, be the cheerleader instead. He has enough people in his life who tell him what he can't do, don't be one of them.

# 17 Don't make fun of him. Guys aren't very good at laughing at themselves. Be very sensitive to the way people see you, try not to make fun of yourself.

# 18 Tell him you love him . If you want to be the best friend ever, tell him you love him without hearing it in return. Say it so he'll know.

# 19 Tell him what you love about him. Point out all of the things that you love about the man in your life. When he feels good, he feels good about the woman in his life.

# 20 Participate in his needs without being needy. When you know he has certain needs, try to meet them without expecting favors in return. When you're not in the mood, there are other ways to satisfy his sexual needs. Be the giver now and then, you don't want anything in return.

# 21 Go out with your friends. Sometimes he just wants the house to himself and not feel guilty for blinding you or not taking you away.

# 22 Let him be. Don't always be in his affairs. Just let him be.

# 23 Don't get into his family drama a. Let him insult his family, be supportive, but don't speak your mind. You can say bad things about your family, but when someone else does, you feel bad.

# 24 Don't be with his mother. It is good to be nice and kind to mother. Avoid developing a close relationship with her or being beasts. No man wants the two women to compare grades in his life.

# 25 Do nice things just because. Do his favorite things weekly just to let him know you care.

# 25 Don't make it a to-do list Share your tasks, but not everything he does. He already has a boss, you don't have to be someone else.

# 26 Don't avoid guesswork. Instead of blaming him for things, always give him the benefit of the doubt. Make sure before you accept things.

# 27 Don't put him on game dates. He is a grown man. You don't have to set it up with your friend's boyfriend. If he wants to come along, okay, but don't pretend you've given him a date.

# 28 Clean up for him. Sure he's a pig, but it's not. I will change myself. Instead of being honked for making a mess, clean it up. It takes five minutes to avoid a messy fight, and sometimes you should let things go.

# 30 Never go to bed without giving him a kiss. Never go without a kiss and a good night's sleep.

# 31 Love him, not despite his flaws but because of them . Don't feel like a superior and overlook his bad qualities, love him for the whole package that he is.

# 32 Never say things that you can't take back. If you say it, you can't take it back. Being the best friend means never saying things that come and stew on your mind that you wouldn't have wished for.

# 33 fight fair. Do not play. When you argue, argue fairly without bringing in other people or past events.

# 34 Knows what his favorite things are. Notice what makes him happy instead of assuming you know. You'll be surprised what you thought turned it on didn't.

# 35 Hear what he tells you in his actions, not in his words. Men are not verbal creatures. Pay attention to his behavior and listen to what they say instead of trying to make him bond on your terms only.

# 36 Try to be positive. See your relationship in a positive light instead of always highlighting the negative.

# 37 Let him date the guys with no reprise. When you say "vacation" on vacation or guy's night, don't make him pay him passively aggressively. Um, we all know what I'm talking about.

# 38 Let him have his own space. A guy tends to lose his autonomy as soon as we move into his world. Let him leave his "you-free" field untouched by female hands.

# 39 Hold on. If you were 123 pounds, stay 123. Don't let yourself go just because you are comfortable.

# 40 Be independent. Don't trust him for every little thing. Sure, he wants you to have a little addiction, but when suddenly you can't tie your own shoe without it, he'll feel responsible and choked.

# 41 Don't try Saying "nothing" when asking what's wrong . Don't be passive aggressive. When she has something she's upset, a good friend just spreads it out there.

# 42 Be empathetic. Try to put yourself in his shoes. It's not easy to be a guy. They often don't even know what they are feeling, but if you keep trying to tell him your side instead of listening, you will get nowhere.

# 43 Appreciate him . Look around and look at all the quiet things he does for you and point them out. Don't expect him to do things for you, tell him how lucky you are to have him.

# 44 Let him win every now and then. Occasionally let him win the fight. Sometimes being loved is more important than being right.

# 45 Don ' Don't spend too much. When you share your finances, you are not spending the majority. A good friend doesn't put unnecessary financial stress on things she must have.

# 46 smile. A man feels good when he makes the woman he loves feel good. Happy woman, happy life.

# 47 Tell him you are happy. Most men measure themselves by the way they make their wife feel. Tell him how happy he makes you.

# 48 Keep it sharp. What is going on in the bedroom is going on in the relationship. Put in the extra effort to make sure you are connecting sexually.

# 49 Don't put him on. Like his style and don't try to change it. That's why you fell in love with him.

# 50 Accept him for him. Stop changing it. Just let him be him and you are you.

Understanding how to become the perfect girlfriend is about accepting who your husband is and loving him unconditionally. Stop trying to plan and control and live with him as happily and carefree as possible.