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IQ Option Paysafe payment - is that possible in 2021? We've made the test

Available from the broker IQ Option Paysafe Payments? Or accepted IQ Option Paysafecard as a payment method? We want to answer this question for you below and present you all the conditions relating to deposits and withdrawals at the broker.

In addition, we explain the background to why brokers accept some payment methods and not others. We also take a closer look at the entire range of the retailer and answer the most important questions about the services of IQ Option.

Quick facts about deposits and withdrawals at IQ Option

  • IQ Option Paysafecard payments are not possible
  • Payment methods such as credit card, GiroPay, Skrill or Neteller to choose from
  • No costs for withdrawals
  • Minimum deposit of EUR / USD / GBP 10 and payouts are also possible from 2 euros
  • Deposit bonus of up to 50 percent for new and existing customers
  • Trading already possible from 1 euro and numerous underlyings to choose from

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Does IQ Option offer Paysafe payment?

After we looked at the conditions around deposits and withdrawals, we were able to determine that the binary options brokerIQ Option Paysafecard transactions are not possible are, although the low minimum deposit amount would be predestined for IQ Option Paysafecard payments. So if you insist on this payment method, you will probably have to look for another broker, although there are not many of them. All others can be found at IQ Option good alternatives, even if the existing payment methods have nothing in common with the Paysafecard.

A variety of payment methods are available at IQ Option.

The trading account can be capitalized in many different ways at IQ Option, but since the company is active in many countries, not all of the existing deposit options are also available in Germany. In this country, as a trader, for example Credit card or deposit by bank transfer. There are currently 2 providers available for credit cards: MasterCard and Visa. But also Payment providers such as Skrill, Qiwi, Webmoney, CashU, Sofort√ľberweisung, GiroPay, iDeal, WebMoney, Fasapay, Neteller, Boletor are available. The broker does not charge any costs for any of the methods.

As far as the processing time is concerned, the credit is issued within a few seconds for almost every payment variant. Only the bank transfer takes a few days, but that is not the fault of the broker, it is the usual process for such a transfer. When it comes to minimum account capitalization sizes, IQ Option is almost unbeatable, as the minimum deposit is EUR / USD / GBP 10. This means that even small investors can participate in trading at IQ Option and can initially get to know trading with an options broker with smaller amounts.

At IQ Option, thanks to a new feature, traders can now top up their account directly via the trading interface and no longer have to go to a separate page.

During our research we could not discover any IQ Option Paysafecard deposits with the online broker. Payment methods such as credit card and e-wallets (free of charge), bank transfer, WebMoney, Skrill or Neteller are alternatively available. There is a minimum deposit of 10 EUR / USD / GBP and there are no costs for deposits and withdrawals. In most cases, the credit is issued within a few minutes.

No deposit needs to be made into the IQ Option demo account.

Why is there no IQ Option Paysafecard deposit option?

Paysafecards can hardly be used with any binary options broker. In fact, we are currently only aware of very few providers who accept this deposit option or where this is possible. For example, accepted 24options the deposit via Paysafecard. The minimum deposit starts at 500 euros, but a Paysafecard can only be loaded up to 100 euros. This means that the customer has to load several Paysafecards beforehand and then enter them. There are better options. Occasionally you can read on the Internet that the binary options broker BDSwiss accepts Paysafecard, but this is not the case.

The demand the customer after IQ Option is Paysafecard relatively low. In addition, there are always costs for the company. Binary options traders tend to be internet savvy. Therefore, there are a number of alternatives that traders can use with the online broker. Paysafecards can anonymized to be bought. That is one of the reasons why IQ Option does not accept this payment method. transparency and openness are demanded by the provider, he also demands the same from the customer. also cannot be paid out to a Paysafecard. So the customer inevitably needs an alternative payment method. By then, at the latest, he has to disclose data about himself - for example his account details.

These are all reasons why the broker does not use IQ Option Paysafecard. Instead, there are a number of interesting alternatives.

Does IQ Option accept PayPal?

No, IQ Option does not currently accept PayPal. Even if this payment method is becoming more and more popular, many binary options providers shy away from integrating PayPal. The reasons are complex. First you need a credit card or a bank account anyway to deposit money with PayPal or to move in. IQ Option accepts these two payment methods. Even instant transfer and Giropay are possible, so that the money is also immediately available for online trading.

So why then take the detour via PayPal? also PayPal charges a relatively high fee per transaction from the respective binary options broker. But IQ Options would like to offer free payment transactions and it is not possible to cover the costs for the customer in this case.

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Step by step: We show you how to deposit at IQ Option

Before you can make a deposit, you first need to open an account. The special thing in connection with the offer of IQ Option is the fact that the registration also via a Facebook account or a Google+ account can be realized. This means that registration can be carried out very quickly and easily. You can of course also choose to register via email and in this case you will receive an activation link by email. If you decide on one of the first two variants, then the account is created immediately and you can make a deposit directly.

In the associated window Deposit amount and the preferred number variant registered. In the next step, the necessary account details are completed and the order is sent with a click of the mouse. Then sit back and wait for the credit to appear. Once this has been done, nothing stands in the way of starting trading. By the way, you can choose a different method for each deposit and don't have to commit to a single one.

The capitalization of the trading account is with IQ Option uncomplicated and done quickly. Determine the amount, choose the payment method and wait for the amount to be credited. Most payment methods are credited within a very short time.

The broker's tournaments offer variety in trading.

Consumer checklist: FAQs on payment transactions at IQ Option

Does IQ Option accept Paysafecard?

No. As we have already explained in the review, there are various reasons for the broker not to accept Paysafe. However, there are many other alternative payment methods to be able to trade binary options.

How long will it take for my deposit to be credited?

That depends entirely on the payment method, but in most cases the credit is issued within a few seconds or after a few minutes at the latest. Especially if you use a credit card or a Webmoney service. However, IQ Option Paysafecards are not accepted. With bank transfers alone, it can take a little longer, up to five days.

What are the costs for deposits?

The broker does not charge any fees for any of the payment methods, but in some cases the payment provider charges costs and it is advisable to find out about the relevant conditions before making a deposit. For example, if you have to pay costs to your bank for a transfer, you should take this into account. The fees are not covered by the binary options broker.

What are the costs of withdrawals?

The same applies here as for deposits. IQ Option does not charge any fees. However, the payment service provider may charge fees.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Here, too, very low requirements apply and payouts are from a sum of 2 euros granted. Here, too, there are no costs and the number of possible payments within a month is not limited.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option now

Is there an extra for the first deposit at IQ Option?

A demo account is available to traders at IQ Option. Customers and interested parties can even use the broker's demo account without a deposit and for an unlimited period of time. Not all assets can be traded in the demo version, but the Trading application is fully available and real-time quotes are available.

Further offers from the broker IQ Option

When we looked a little more closely at the broker's offer, In the first place, we were only able to gain good IQ Option experiences. The broker can distinguish itself primarily through its own trading application and the low capital requirements. If you want to start trading with the trading provider, you don't necessarily have to pay high sums, because the minimum deposit is 10 EUR / USD / GBP. With this small sum, ten trades can be placed. Thus, traders can let off steam as they please and gain their first experience with little deficit risk.

One can learn to trade binary options online.

There is also an offer on the trading platform that is second to none. While most binary options platforms are very simple and hardly offer any analysis options, this platform can enable a comprehensive and versatile price analysis, because many corresponding tools are available here. There is also a demo account and this does not offer the full range of products of the broker, but the assets that are there can be traded in the test version without a time limit.

Deposits are possible from 10 EUR / USD / GBP and a variety of payment methods are available. When it comes to returns, IQ Option also offers excellent conditions. Up to 91 percent return can be secured. IQ Option also offers a wide range when it comes to running times. In addition to the popular 60 second trading binary options, even 30 second options are available. However, much longer terms of up to several weeks are also possible.

This is why IQ Option should be your broker:

  • CySEC regulated binary options broker
  • Up to 92 percent return (* amount that is credited to an account in the course of a successful trade)
  • 60 seconds trading possible
  • Only 10 EUR / USD / GBP minimum deposit
  • Trades from 1 euro
  • Free and unlimited demo account

The broker IQ Option has a diverse selection of underlyings from several asset classes available. Trading with the broker is possible from one euro and there are two variants of the binary options that can be traded. Deposits from EUR / USD / GBP 10 and returns of up to 92 percent apply. Run times start at 30 or 60 seconds.

IQ Option offers its customers a binary options demo account without a deposit. The demo account allows traders to try their hand at getting to know the trading platform. But the demo account is also interesting for advanced users and professionals, because they can use it to test proven trading methods or even develop their own system.

10/10 points Binaerelösungen.com Guide to IQ Option

Conclusion: No IQ Option Paysafecard, but many alternatives

Anyone looking for a reputable binary options broker who allows Paysafecard payments will not find what they are looking for at IQ Option. The retailer does not provide IQ Option Paysafecard deposits. This payment option is also not recommended, as a maximum of 100 euros can be topped up per Paysafecard. In addition, no withdrawals can be made with it. So from the trader's point of view, there are better variants.

And IQ Option has a wide range of alternatives. For example, you can use your own trading account with the broker Credit card, Banking and Instant bank transfer capitalize or you choose GiroPay or for one of the eWallets like Skrill and Neteller. There are no costs for any of the payment methods and the Minimum deposit is only 10 EUR / USD / GBP. The minimum amount for trades is sometimes only 1 euro. As far as the duration of the deposit is concerned, it depends on the underlying payment method and usually takes a few minutes at the most. In the case of bank transfers, however, it can take up to 5 working days for the credit to be issued. As a rule, however, this is also done faster.

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