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Over 100 of the best answers on the Q&A platform Quora as a free PDF book

The Q&A platform Quora identified the 500 top users in October last year and “awarded” them the “Top Writer” badge. As a thank you, these users then received a book with over 100 of the best answers submitted on Quora. Quora has now made this book available as a free PDF.

The Next Web:

In the wake of this news, Quora subsequently announced that it would be sending its top writers a “Best of Quora 2010-2012 book”, to say thanks.

Now, Quora is making this book available to everyone as a free download.

The book covers more than one hundred of some of the best Quora responses, covering 18 categories, including food, education, international, law, life advice, literature, music and more. It's 400 pages in total.

Incidentally, this is one of the directions in which the book industry (or, more accurately, the book market or the book segment) is developing. And it shows more than clearly how much the structures for books and book-like products will differ from the classic book publishing structures in the future.

No book publisher in the world could ever profitably create such a book itself using its classic methods, because the selection of questions, authors and their answers via the platform follow a dynamic of their own that cannot be imitated within the publisher. And we're not even talking about offering this book as a free PDF.

The fact that this book is a by-product is more of a feature than a bug because of the above.

The Download link for the PDF: Best of Quora - 2010-2012

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