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Thread: Winter elves 2018

I take part! The list will be updated in the course of the week!

EDIT: There you go.

I have already beaten:
Winter elves 12/13 Alaiya (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Original Wichteln 13 ChocolateChip (Original)
Summer elves 13 Erenya (Devil Survivor 2)
Winterwichteln 13/14 Melange (K-ON!)
Spring elves 14 Rizumu (Kuroshitsuji)
Summer elves 14 ChocolateChip (Kingdom Hearts)
Winter Pixies 14/15 Mob (Kingdom Hearts)
Spring elves 15 Ur (Free!)
Winter elf 15/16 Shizana (Pokemon, Amnesia)
Winter elves 16/17 -Tetsuki- (Pokémon)
Winter elf 17/18 Ravenpaw (Persona 4)

Has already been entertained by:
Winter elf 12/13 nugua (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Original elves 13 Erenya (Original)
Sommerwichteln 13 Haleine (Naruto), Scarlet_Queen (My little Pony X Madoka)
[Due to an allocation error, I was pecked by two people]
Winter elves 13/14 Yuufa (Fire Emblem)
Spring elves 14 Kunoichi (Mirai Nikki)
Summer elves 14 Rizumu (Pokémon)
Winter elf 14/15 Melange (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Spring elves 15 signed off (Mirai Nikki)
Winter Pixies 15/16 Puppeteers (Pokemon)
Winter elf 16/17 Tales_ (original)
Wintererwichteln 17/18 Ravenpaw (Ace Attorney)

my offers

The offers are there in the order in which I would like to write them. That will probably change again after every Wichtel action, but at the moment it fits as it is.
By the way: I like to include OCs, but not as the love interest of a Canon character. But I like to create friendships - provided they are realistic. (I very much doubt that Sephiroth would stroll through town with a fourteen-year-old and shop ...)
As for pairings, I don't write incest or crossbreed.
I don't necessarily hate what is labeled as hate pairing, but I just don't want to / can't write it properly in my opinion.
I'm basically open to Yaoi / Yuri / Hentai, but at most it should be part of a romance FF and not the majority or core of the action. The characters should also be of legal age in this case.
And please, please no rape.

1) Pokémon [Only about the games (main games, Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon Colosseum / XD), also about game myths / Creepypastas from Pokémon - very much even!]
Genre: Adventure, Action, Mystery, Parody, Humor, OC
Pairings: Touko X N, Cheren X Bell, Touko X Cheren

2) Kingdom Hearts
Genres: Crossover, Action, Adventure, Humor, Romance, OC

3) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [Part 1 - 6]
Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Mystery, Drama
Pairings: Canon, otherwise free

4) Gyakuten | Phoenix Wright
Genres: humor, crime
Hate pairings: Phoenix X Maya

5) Monogatari (everything)
Genre: drama, humor, mystery
Pairings: Anything but incest

6) Katawa Shoujo
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Humor
Pairings: All

7) Naruto (only the first series and key dates of Shippuuden known)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor
Pairings: All

8) Love Life !! (Both original seasons known)
Genre: Slice of Life, Music, Humor
Pairings: Shoujo Ai only

I ask you to read my wishes and desired scenarios very carefully, at least in the franchises that come into question!
In my profile I have added additional information about some of the wishes, I would be happy if you check it out again! :)
You can always write about things that are there but not here.
(Of course does NOT apply to Orga)

Before we start, I would like to get rid of one little thing: I don't want to read alternative universes in which the original story is no longer recognizable. The fox was never sealed in Naruto, Itachi never betrayed the Uchiha and Madara was eaten by Kyuubi? Okay, well, could make an interesting plot.
Naruto and everyone else in high school have never been and never will be shinobi and Kakashi runs a gay sauna? Please spare me that!
By the way, unless stated otherwise, I don't want any high school AU plots!
So if AU is included in a desired series, then I mean real alternative storylines that could only be triggered by a single other decision, i.e. no other universes into which the characters are thrown and which have nothing to do with the original plot !

In general, I really like crossover, as well as mystery and anything that creates tension. Pure romances are okay if they really "explore" a relationship over the years, for example. I find it exciting how two people build and organize their lives together, and possibly overcome obstacles.
First of all: A Death Note / Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Crossover would not be topped [★★★★★★!] ...
But since I know that not too many people know Neuro and would dare to write such a crossover, my hopes are low ... but still there!
I'm basically open to Yaoi / Yuri / Hentai, but at most it should be part of a romance FF and not the majority or core of the action. The characters should also be of legal age in this case.
And please, please no rape.

By the way: I have to say that every scenario that you can find below is only a suggestion, you are welcome to come up with something completely different, as long as it doesn't clash with my hate scenarios or other hateful situations!
I also like to read fanfiction in English, if you trust yourself.

In general, I would be happy about any of the following series / games, but there is still a kind of priority list: Pay attention to the number of asterisks.

To OCs:
I love OCs.
Really. There is nothing like well thought-out, personable characters who are not afraid of actually being different.
Fandoms, in which I would particularly like to have OCs as more or less important characters, are once again characterized by the "OC" genre.
But please, no run-of-the-mill OCs that just serve as the pretext to pair them with a Canon character. You are allowed to do the coupling - very much if you like - but please in a realistic way - IC is very important here - and only if it is not the core of the whole story. If you are not sure if you can do this, better leave it. A bad or badly integrated OC (which takes the entire plot and pushes the otherwise important Canon characters off-screen) can ruin a whole story for me that I might otherwise have liked.

But I really, really like to see her.

0) OCs Please adjust depending on the scenario
[♥] -Pairings: sandpit friends, characters who complement each other, characters who have a positive influence on each other, love-hate relationships [provided they have a realistic development, two who want to see each other dead do not necessarily belong together], outsiders, (fight -) companions, Nakama
[♥] -Characters: Tsundere / Tomboys, as long as they take it in and don't just hand them out, sensitive characters, intelligent characters, sincere characters who simply say what they think, naive, justice-loving characters, if well founded, gray characters ( ♥).
Especially gray characters who aren't just "good" or "bad" - I find perspective much more interesting here.
I also have a heart for outsiders of all kinds. I also love sadistic, intelligent glasses wearers. Neurotics are also welcome as long as they are not played out for comedy alone.
Furthermore, characters of all sexual orientations and identities are welcome.
And in general, which you can't go wrong with me: Unusual characters (And by that I don't mean [just] the exterior]
I also enjoy eccentrics a lot.
As far as age is concerned, I don't care as long as the characters behave more or less appropriately for their age.
-Pairings: school crush X wallflower, intelligent girl X stupid guy, melodramatic romances, love as a cure, love between teenagers that doesn't go beyond holding hands
Special: love triangles
I hate the fact that love triangles in (youth) films have almost become a permanent cliché ...
In general you can make me happy with it, especially if it happens with interesting characters, but it has to be really well thought out and sensitively executed.
A mere "For whom does our protagonist decide in the end?" for the tension I really hate it.
Special: love as healing
There are stories in which one partner "saved" the other, physically or emotionally, but in real life these relationships are often unhealthy and have one-sided feelings and many negative psychological implications.
If you are willing to explore the whole thing, I would find it exciting, but I do not want stories in which someone is at the end and is "saved" by love and is suddenly freed from all their problems.
-Characters: Stereotypes, all kinds of characters that are not well thought out and behave unrealistic [measured by their situation and personality].

1) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [★★★★★]
Level of knowledge: Parts 1 - 6
[♥] genre: action, mystery, drama, humor, gene, adventure
[♥] -Pairings: Canon-Pairings, without which there could not have been any other JoJos
[♥] -friendships / constellations: Jonathan & Speedwagon, Joseph & Caesar, Jotaro, Polnareff & Kakyoin (in every constellation), Rohan & Koichi, Josuke & Joseph, Jotaro & the Morioh "children", Kira & his "family" , the Pillar Men, the Passione Gang, Bruno & Gio,
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥♥ Joseph
♥♥♥ Rohan, Speedwagon, Bruno
♥♥ Koichi (especially with Echoes Act 3 together), Jotaro (Part4), Josuke, Gio, Jolyne
♥ Kakyoin, Caesar, DIO, Kira, Okuyasu, Jonathan, Hol Horse, Doppio, Foo Fighters, Weather Report
But in general I like practically all characters at least a little.
[♥] parts
♥♥♥ Battle Tendency, Diamond is Unbreakable, Stone Ocean
♥♥ Stardust Crusaders, Vento Aureo
♥ Phantom Blood
[♥] -Scenario: I generally like to read encounters beyond the generations, whereby everyone then only has the knowledge of their own history and is not allowed to learn anything about their own future that could change that.
- What did the Pillar Men do that month of Joseph's training? A trip to Europe!
- Polnareff and, due to circumstances, like to come to Morioh with Jotaro. [AU]
- Caesar meets Zeppeli-san
- Joseph and Suzie Q raising Holly
- Joseph and Josuke met when Josuke was still a child [AU]
- Jotaro brings mini-Jolyne to Morioh (there are sugar-sweet doujinshi)
- Rohan and Koichi just hang out in Morioh and meet a few of the others
- Caesar accompanies the group to Egypt (circumstances) [AU]
- Jonathan gets to know his offspring
- Several JoJos and friends talk drunk about their travels [in this case without any consequences, so they are also allowed to "spoil" each other]
- The Stardust Crusaders meet the Morioh troop [AU]
- and much more. Honestly, a JoJo-FF alone would make me happy enough
-Genre: AU, fluffy pairing stories, crossovers, Shoujo-Ai
-Pairings: Speedwagon X Everyone (his heart belongs to Jonathan), Yukako X Koichi (not sure how I look at the whole thing yet), all incest pairings
-Characters: none
-Scenario: A Random Stand User of the Week shows up.
And the story between Tomoko and Joseph ... I want to fill the gaps myself.
Yes, I like JoJo memes * cough *. Unless you're exaggerating.

2) Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai (The World God only knows) [★★★★ ☆]
Level of knowledge: approx. Volumes 1 - 10 of the manga (but I know the end)
[♥] genre: everyday life, crossover, humor, romance
[♥] Friendship: Keima & Elsie
[♥] Characters: Keima, Elsie, Chihiro
[♥] scenario: It would be very, very interesting if Keima had to conquer a girl from another world, that is, another anime on this list.
-Genre: Horror, Darkfic, Shounen-Ai, Shoujo-Ai
-Pairings: Keima X Elsie
-Characters: See "OCs", Canon
-Scenario: Everything that has nothing to do with the series, it has to stick to the Keima-conquered-a-girl principle, if not too one-sided and predictable. Stories in which Elsie or Keima are omitted do not work at all.

3) Originals [★ ☆☆☆☆]
A few general things before I get to my formulated original wishes that everyone should consider:
- The tension is very, very important, especially in crime stories. I love surprising turns of phrase, when they don't seem completely out of thin air.
- Pairings of all kinds are allowed, but please only marginally, I don't like pure romantic stories.
- In the case of crime stories, I also require a certain amount of research, for example in investigative proceedings
- Every story also needs "bad" characters, but here I would like to have more special characters: Nobody is bad, just because being bad is fun and great. Every villain should have a comprehensible motivation as to why he is doing wrong things, even "gray" characters, where right and wrong are blurred, are very welcome.
- The asterisk system here works internally. That means that anyone who absolutely wants to write an original for me should pay attention to these asterisks, everyone else should ignore them. Even my dearest wish here does not go beyond my ★★ ☆☆☆ wishes in the other fandoms - as long as it is not about original goblins.

Subject area: Cyberpunk and Steampunk [★★★ ☆☆]
[♥] genre: drama, horror, mystery, action, humor
[♥] scenario: Anything that fits one or more of the genres. World Building would be very interesting here, of course, but since I know it can take time to write, I would prefer a character-based story if in doubt.
-Genre: romance, eroticism, everyday life
-Scenario: Anything that has nothing to do with the above.

Subject area: Suburban Fantasy [★★★★ ☆]
[♥] genre: drama, horror, crime, mystery, action, humor
[♥] scenario: Anything that fits one or more of the genres. A world where superpowers and supernatural beings exist? A gang of underground youth opposing a conspiracy? The world of adults, when everyone could do what they wanted? Always bring it on!
-Genre: romance, eroticism, everyday life
-Scenario: Anything that has nothing to do with the above. Romantic elements should only be incorporated very, very subtly, at this point I just don't want a love story.

Subject area: Everyday Magic [★★★★ ☆]
[♥] genre: drama, romance, humor, slice of life
[♥] Scenario: What would our world look like if everyone had magic, whether small or large? Would society change a lot? Or would it just be the children who are fascinated by magic? There is space here for all of that.
-Genre: Action
-Scenario: ANOTHER magic school, a world in which only some people have magic and generally have to hide it ... this is more about world building - and exploring.

4) Kingdom Hearts [★★★★★]
Played through: KH I, II, 358/2 Days, Dream Drop Distance, Re: Coded
Familiar with the story of: Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep]
[♥] -Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Humor, OC, AU
[♥] -Pairings: Axel X Roxas, Sora X Riku
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Xigbar, Donald
♥♥ Demyx, Luxord, Larxene, Xion
♥ Roxas, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel, Zexion, Vexen
[♥] scenario: where is a better crossover than here? It would be well worth reading to send Sora to an anime world or a Disney world that has not (yet) appeared in the games, you should take a look at my fan list and the other sections of my wish list. All Dreamworks and Pixar films are also very welcome, as is the previously neglected area of ​​other Square Enix video games - but it is better to ask beforehand whether I know the game in question! Incidentally, more than just one world can be visited in history;)
If you'd like to use another fandom that doesn't appear here or on my list, don't be afraid to ask me about the organizer, but at KH I'm relatively open when it comes to crossovers.
This fandom offers so many possibilities, there is sure to be something beautiful to be found! OCs are also welcome, for example other graduates of the Keyblade Academy ... It would also be nice if Organization XIII could have an appearance here and there: 3
It is up to you to decide at which period of the great KH overall history the FF plays, it does not necessarily have to be evident in the course of the story. Whether before, during or after the "main" games, it doesn't matter.
-Genre: AU, Darkfic, Horror, Romance
-Pairings: /
-Characters: None
-Scenario: An afternoon on Destiny Islands, Sora confesses his love to Kairi ... here I just want scenarios with action and a crossover, not love stories.
Also, I don't want to see a funny "They're not angry, they're just pretending" organization. They can have a certain joke, but please don't make them clowns.

5) Gyakuten / Ace Attorney [★★★★★]
[Level of knowledge: Ace Atorney 1 - 6, Investigations 1, I'm halfway through Investigations 2 and vs. Professor Layton.]
[♥] -Genre: Drama, romance, humor, action, crime, OC
[♥] -Pairings: Phoenix X Iris, piano X Ema
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Viola, Edgeworth, Ema, Ray, Athena, Debeste
♥♥ Iris, Phoenix, Piano, Shelly, Robin, Maya
♥ Apollo, Kay, Dhurke, Simon Blackquill
[♥] -Scenario: A negotiation should be included, so the crime genre is really a must here. Of course, the fun offered by the duo Phoenix / Maya and Trucy / Apollo / Athena / Phoenix shouldn't be neglected either. In addition, Viola is very, very welcome to appear, as a marginal figure or maybe even as a client! Shelly de Killer is also very happy to be involved.
Time itself - Phoenix's legal career or the Wright agency for everything - don't matter to me.
Incidentally, a story of this kind has to have a certain length - after all, it's about tricky, twisted criminal cases à la Wright & Partner.
Anyone who accepts this challenge has almost won.
-Genre: Everyday life, Darkfic, Horror, Shonen-Ai, Shoujo-Ai
-Pairings: none
-Characters: Just a few of the one-note characters, such as Bucky
-Scenario: I don't want any cases that are absolutely transparent from the start, just as I don't want a story completely without a case. The investigations - even if interesting - are nice, but if in doubt I would prefer a well-engineered process. Pairings are very welcome, but the story should never tell about them alone.
Also, if you use an OC as a client / criminal / witness, please make them unique too. Exaggerated character images, as they are common for PW, are very welcome!

6) Soul Eater (Anime, Manga knowledge only up to volume 18) [★★ ☆☆☆]
[♥] -Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Horror, Darkfic, OC
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Death the Kid, Chrona
♥♥ Dr. Stein, Kim and Jackie, Kilik
♥ Shinigami, Soul, Tsubaki
[♥] -Pairings: Maka X Soul, Chrona x Maka
[♥] -Scenario: Just write me an adventure, as it could happen in the manga: Lots of action, preferably with crazy OCs and preferably with a longer journey ... A lot of interaction between the characters is also very welcome.
-Genre: romance, fluff
-Pairings: Kid x Patty / Liz, Shoujo-Ai
-Characters: Arachnophobia, Anime Blair
-Scenario: The same applies here: No dome FF, no kitsch. Pay attention to realistic fighting behavior (e.g. with unrealistic injuries).

7) Invader Zim [★★★★ ☆]
[State of knowledge: only the series from the 2000s; all from JTHM]
[♥] genre: action, humor, horror, AU
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Zim, Dib
♥♥ Tak, Skoodge
♥ Prof. Membrane, GIR, Gaz
[♥] -Pairings: None (!) Removed, but Gaz X Zim may be indicated.
[♥] scenario: It's Invader Zim! If you hit the style of the series, there should be no limits to your creativity. I just love that sense of humor.
A JTHM crossover would also be welcome. After all, Squee goes to the same school as Dib and Zim. And has seen too many things. Especially if you want to refer to Nny, it can also be an adult FF.
-Genre: Fluff, Romance, Darkfic, Shounen-Ai
-Pairings: Folks, these are children, I really don't need pairings.
-Characters: None
-Scenario: Romance (joa ...)
Note: Anyone who dares to write me an Invader-Zim-FF in English cannot go wrong! <3
And whoever writes a Zim / JTHM crossover (in English) becomes my personal hero.

8) Persona 4 (Game) [★★★★ ☆]
[State of knowledge: about 80% played through, the end is known]
[♥] genre: action, drama, humor, adventure, crossover, OC [♥] (subtle) romance
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Yosuke, Kanji
♥♥ Chie, Teddie, Souji, Naoto
♥ Rise, Dojima, Nanako
[♥] scenario:
A crossover with other characters from my list would be particularly interesting, especially with regard to shadows and personas.
For example a Durarara crossover. That would be great!
[♥] -Pairings: Yosuke X Chie, Yosuke X Souji, Kanji X Naoto, Souji X Rise
-Genre: none
-Pairings: none
-Characters: Mitsuo
-Scenario: Try a little to keep the game dynamic in the FF. Just fights or just high school would be a bit dreary for me.

9) Katawa Shoujo [★★★★★]
[State of knowledge: the entire game with all endings]
[♥] genre: slice of life, romance (in moderation!)
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Hanako, Rin
♥♥ Emi, Hisao, Kenji, Yuuko
♥ Nurse, Shizune, Lily
[♥] scenario: I would particularly like sequels here. I know all the good and bad endings and with a few of them I would really like to know what else can happen. So I would particularly like to see sequels to:
Hanakos very bad ending
Hanako's good ending
Rins good ending
Rins very Bad Ending (which takes place after the art exhibition - I'm not sure which of Rins Bad Endings is officially the worse ...)
Emis good ending
I would like it best if the sequel covers a large period of action, i.e. really goes into the future and the professional life of the characters.
[♥] -Pairings: No top favorites here - Everything is included, from Canon pairings to Hisao X Kenji, I like to see everything: D
-Genre: none
-Pairings: none
-Characters: none (just a bit of Shizune's father)
-Scenario: hanging out a bit at school ... this is really about long-term life prospects for the characters.

10) Monogatari [★★★★★]
[State of knowledge: Everything that has been implemented as an anime]
[♥] -Genre: Action, Drama, Humor, Adventure, Romance, Slice of Life
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Araragi, Kaiki, Senjougahara, Kanbaru
♥♥ Yotsugi, Hachikuji, Nadeko
♥ Hanekawa, Shinobu, Gaen
[♥] Scenario: No restrictions, but tries to capture the anime's unique atmosphere and characters well. I would appreciate more arcs for each of the girls
[♥] -Pairings: Araragi X Senjougahara, Araragi x Hanekawa
-Genre: none
-Characters: I find the Fire Sisters boring compared to the rest and I really don't like the Imouto fan service.
-Scenario: Anything that goes against my wishes.

11) Digimon Tamers (NOT Adventure / 02 / etc.) [★★★★★]
[Level of knowledge: seen the anime completely]
For the characters I like the German names as well as the Japanese ones, for the Digimon and their stages please use the original names.
[♥] -Genre: action, adventure, humor, AU, drama (but only more intense when the children are older)
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Terriermon, Impmon / Beelzebumon, Takato, Guilmon, Ruki / Rika
♥♥ Shuichon / Suzie, Lopmon, Renamon
♥ Henry / Jenrya, Juri / Jen
[♥] -Pairings: Jen / Juri X Ruki / Rika
[♥] scenario: I would like to see a sequel in which the children (a little older or a lot older) meet their Digimon partners again. I accept pairings as far as everyone.
-Genre: Darkfic, Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri
-Pairings: Human X Digimon
-Characters: /
-Scenario: filler stories.

12) 3-Gatsu no Lion (March comes in like a Lion) [★★★★★]
[State of knowledge: both anime seen completely]
[♥] genre: humor, drama, slice of life
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥♥♥ Rei
♥♥♥ Akari, Hina, Momo, Nikaidou, Souya
♥♥ Shimada, Hayashida,
♥ Smith, Kyouko (the witch she is, she's complicated), Grandpa Kawamoto, Takahashi
[♥] -Pairings: Pairings feel out of place here
[♥] scenario: I have no likes / dislikes here as long as it hits the tone of the show and doesn't violate continuity. I don't want to see any FF in which Rei behaves suicidal or self-harming.
-Genre: Darkfic, Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Romance, Action
-Pairings: All that include Rei.
-Characters: Gotou
-Scenario: See genre dislikes

13) Hunter X Hunter [★★★★★]
Knowledge: Anime adaptation from 2011
(By the way, I don't care if you write it Killua or Killuah)
[♥] -Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Horror, Drama, OC
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Gon, Killua
♥♥ Meruem, Neferpitou, Ging, Alluka
♥ Kurapika, Leorio, Pariston, Netero, Hisoka, Hanzo
[♥] -Pairings: Gon X Killua (but please be innocent, as long as both are still children)
[♥] Scenario: Hunter X Hunter has a lot of great characters who all live their own lives outside of the story of the two main boys - so why not bring them to the fore? This is especially true for Post-Chimera-Ant-Arc and all the characters left behind.
-Genre: Slice of Life
-Pairings: Hisoka X Gon, Hisoka X Killua
-Characters: One-note characters who don't have much to say about otherwise
-Scenario: Slice of Life scenarios with no Nen involvement or at least a little bit of action.

14) Durarara !! [★★★★ ☆]
Knowledge level: All anime, apart from the OVA episodes
[♥] -Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, Humor, OC, Crossover, Alternative Timeline
[♥] characters:
♥♥♥ Mikado, Celty
♥♥ Kida, Izaya, Shinra
♥ Shizuo, Tom, Simon
[♥] -Pairings: Shinra X Celty, Mikado X Kida
[♥] Scenario: How do all the characters live 10 years in the future in Ikebukuro? What if a new character with absurd skills comes into town and rekindles the chaos? What does someone new feel when they come into town and get to know the new structure with the dollars? Maybe one of them is a character from another wish on my list? I'm pretty open to anything here.
-Genre: Darkfic, Shoujo-Ai
-Pairings: Pairings with Izaya
-Characters: I generally have a bit of a hard time with some of the characters from the second season, but I have no problem with anyone else. Of course, they belong in a future FF and are allowed to appear.
-Scenario: Scenarios that are too close to what the anime has already done, amnesia stories or too long recaps of what the anime has done.

Extras: (Franchises that are not as important to me as the above, but in which I would like to see a certain scenario. May be ignored by the organization!)

Free !: I've only seen the first season, but I love Makoto X Haruka (if it's a two-way relationship in which both parties take initiative and influence each other)

Nisekoi: Let Marika win, please!

Food Wars: I know seasons 1, 2 and 3.1 and I love Soma X Erina. Here, too, a future FF would be great.

Devis little eye catchers
♥ Autumn: Falling leaves and dark evenings with hot chocolate
♥ Cats: Elegant and cute animals
♥ Sunsets and sunrises
♥ Beach / Sea: The sound of the waves, colorful shells, sunshine ...
♥ Kimonos: Maybe as part of a colorful summer festival? I also love summer parties!
♥ Amusement park / fair
♥ ducks
♥ Bromances: It's just guy love between two guys ~
♥ Father-daughter relationships: Thanks to Clannad, I'm melting away.
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