Are thin eyebrows attractive?

Thin or bushy: eyebrow styles through the ages

"Messy Brows" was the name of another eyebrow trend recently. What is meant are unplucked, almost wild eyebrows. Although tall, narrowly plucked forms can be seen again and again, self-confidently staged naturalness above the eyes is ubiquitous. This trend is far from new. In many cultures, distinctive eyebrows were considered the ideal of beauty. A look back at the history of the eyebrows.

Contour and shave

In ancient Egypt, dark, thick eyebrows were a common ideal of beauty - including a spiritual meaning. The brows were carefully plucked and possibly also shaved off. They were then made up with soot, iron oxide and sometimes poisonous powder mixtures.

This beauty routine not only served aesthetic purposes, but was also considered a protection against evil spirits. The religious significance of the brow was shown in the custom that all residents of a house shaved off their eyebrows when a cat died in them.

Ancient mono culture

Frida Kahlo was famous for it, otherwise the mono eyebrow (eyebrows grown together in the middle) has fallen into disrepute in recent decades. In ancient Greece and the advanced cultures of the Middle East, however, this eyebrow shape was considered particularly beautiful.

In Greece, thick, bushy eyebrows were even so in demand in ancient times that eyebrow wigs were in vogue. The women stuck these hair pieces made of goat hair onto their faces with tree resin.

Hairy comeback

In the Middle Ages, the bushy eyebrows disappeared for some time. Instead, thin, at times even no eyebrows were modern. One reason for this was the white face powder popular at the time. This contained poisonous white lead, which caused many aristocrats to lose all facial hair.

When thick eyebrows came back into fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries, this also meant the comeback of the eyebrow wig. However, these were no longer made from goat hair, but from mouse fur.

Through thick and thin

In the 20th century, thick eyebrows kept changing from frowned upon to asked and back again. While the first half of the century was dominated by wafer-thin, painted brows, the broad brows came back in the 1950s. Movie stars like Audrey Hepburn shaped this trend.

The brows should be thick and wide, but also neatly plucked into shape. The bushy brows finally experienced one last high in the 1980s, before the dictate of thin brows began for more than two decades.

As pleasant as the return of the natural, thick brow is, the eyebrow wig will hopefully not come back. (Antonia Rauth, RONDO Exclusive, January 18, 2021)

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