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The biggest mistakes in facial care

Yes, It Really Exists: A List of the Biggest Mistakes In Facial Care. Perhaps you find yourself making a mistake or two yourself?

Always use the same towel

Do you have a special towel that you only use on your face? At least that's a start! But did you know that towels are a real breeding ground for bacteria? So it's best to use a new one every day


Probably the most famous mistake is to not clean your brushes properly or often enough. This, too, can spread more bacteria on the skin than you would probably like. It's best to clean your brushes thoroughly every few days. You can just use shampoo to do this.

Always the same care products

Did you find your favorite cream ?! That's great! But make sure that the cream you use is always matched to the season. In winter you need rich creams, while in summer you should use lighter creams so that you don't have an unsightly film on your skin.

You always skip an important step

You probably already know what I mean, don't you ?! You skip a step - toning the skin. After cleansing, your skin isn't quite as pure as you might think. The last remnants of make-up and dirt are left behind. What helps is just a tonic. And this step is so easy that there are actually no excuses! Simply put it on a cotton pad and rub it gently over the skin.

The friends

This facial care mistake will sound familiar to you. Your girlfriend has found a great cream or mask again, which you absolutely have to use! STOP it ?! Does this product even fit your skin or does it cause more damage than it does? Every skin is different and it is best to only use products that suit your skin type. Don't you know your skin type? We are happy to help you with our skin type advice and also create a free care plan for you.