How many horses are there in Texas?

Natural Horsemanship Texas

Guest opinion:
“Horses are very different, there is something for everyone. Simple approaches to practice very well. Hosts all participants in view at all times, all questions answered, clearly explained and shown with many examples. Despite the very different experience of the individual riders, a balanced program so that each rider learned something and was able to benefit from the others. Cute ranch with a well-kept and very family-run small guest house, comfortable beds. Always enough to eat, very varied. Landscape greener than personally expected. ”A.W.
“Horses very patient, well trained. Very detailed riding program. Exercises explained simply. Very comfortable beds in the property. Sufficient and typical food. Landscape: amazing! “J.Z.
“Well-trained, people-loving horses. To train horsemanship, mustangs as well as wild and mounted horses were available. At least six hours a day in the saddle and on the ground, very nice ride on the neighboring ranch, driving cattle on our own. The host is a gifted teacher who succeeds in teaching each student individually, opening up new aspects. Very nice rooms, cheers for the air conditioning. Very balanced meals, Gulf (of Mexico) cuisine, great! ”S.R.
“Horses are an absolute dream! Quarter horses and rescue horses, the trainer selects the right horse for everyone. I've never ridden such a great horse in my life. The week was worth every penny, you ride a lot and do a lot of ground work. Horses are calm because they are allowed to live in a species-appropriate way on huge pastures, attentive, react to every little thing and want to do something. An absolute dream and I would go back in a heartbeat! The riding program is very diverse, from ground work to small rides across the large pasture, everything is included. You make little progress every day, which is really nice - Nobody’s perfect! My highlight was neck ring riding, which has always been my dream. The trainer likes to pass on his knowledge and has a lot of patience with everyone. The ranch is pleasantly quiet in the middle of nowhere and is surrounded by nature. Accommodation very clean and lovingly furnished. Catering, also for vegetarians (note P&R: after prior registration), the purest pleasure! ”J.F.
“Horses of different races and characters, all very well trained, super attentive, willing to work. The program is individually designed, special requests and questions are always gladly addressed, from theory to groundwork and exercises on the field to riding with a neck ring and trail rides or a small task course in the terrain - everything is included and if you're lucky, you can even do it come along to one of the courses and watch. The trainer is really fantastic, very patient, empathetic and also having fun working with the animals was not neglected. The two hosts are really super nice and after a few days you feel at home and as if you belong to the family. The food is delicious and varied, vegetarian catering is no problem at all (note P&R: after prior registration). In addition to horse riding, there is the possibility of doing activities together: a visit to a museum, live music, shopping in a mall or a visit to a large western shop. I can only recommend this trip to everyone! ”L.R.
“Good, sociable horses, the right and suitable horse was selected for every day. Riding program very good, very instructive and varied. Riding guide / trainer very patient and I learned a lot of new things. The rooms and the food and are fantastic, food all freshly made and healthy. Overall it was a very nice experience, the hosts are extremely friendly and helpful and the ranch comes highly recommended for horsemanship. ”B.H.
“Horses of different characters and well trained. Very varied program of theory, groundwork, exercises on the field, riding out and working with cattle. Simply fantastic riding tour, which is why I booked a 2nd time. Small guest house with living room and 2 bedrooms with bathrooms. Super tasty catering, where special requests are absolutely no problem. I had a lot of fun with the hosts again and learned a lot. He is a great riding instructor with a lot of experience and empathy. What is really a big plus: that you can do other activities with the hosts besides horse riding. For example, we went to the Arts and Music Festival in the city in the evening or to a small rodeo, shopping in the mall or to the museum. Time flies there. ”E.P.
“Great, well ridden horses on which I felt very comfortable. Varied riding program, appropriate to my riding level. The focus is clearly on horsemanship and only secondarily on riding. With the riding program, even after 20 years of riding experience, I was able to take a lot with me, especially basics that one has often forgotten or never noticed. Nice room with bathroom - everything looked brand new and is lovingly furnished. Delicious, simple meals - just the thing for a warm Texas summer. Surprisingly, the landscape is very green, which I didn't expect at all. I was able to discover a lot there. The pastures of the ranch are beautifully spacious for riding and also well suited for horsemanship exercises outside of the round pen. I had a great time with my fellow riders and also got to know two single travelers. We had a great time together and the hosts responded to each participant individually. ”D.W.