What does an ad on Netflix mean

Netflix: Series and movie consistency - that's what it means

On Netflix, films and series are no longer rated with stars, but with a percentage match. In this practical tip, we reveal exactly what this information is all about.

Match on Netflix: what does it mean?

  • The match indicates how likely you would like a movie or a series. In order to make this assessment, Netflix takes several factors into account.
  • The most relevant, of course, is what series and films you have already seen. If you stream a lot of horror films, films from the horror genre will generally get a higher match. If many other horror fans watch a certain film from a different genre, agreement also increases with this film.
  • But your previous ratings also play an important role. If you rate a movie or a series with a thumbs up or down, this will also have an impact on the number of matches. So if you rate all the content you have seen, you can train the algorithm and optimize suggestions.

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